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Just saw your GTR50 and Apollo renders. I need Mk5 VW R32 and B6 Passat R36 but I couldn't find any blueprints of them. If you have their 3d model, can you render it for me just like your posts? Cheers...
It's a pity to see again and again and again this site filled with spammy posts of ketos, steroids and so on.
You are right. The main problem is, that no one of the admins or moderators is still here. I´m the last one... Every day I have to delete sometimes over 100 spam post manualy. That is a lot of time every day. I have been on holydays during christmas and last week I have been in a hospital for 8 days. Now I´m well again.Sometimes I think of stopping my work here. No thanks or likes, frustrating...