Zil-157 Cab detailing set

Hi all first donation here..

I started a P15 Flat Face radar on a Zil-157 base almost 5 years ago and it's been gathering dust in a folder ever since.
So I figured I could share some stuff I've done, that would maybe help someone out detailing a Zil-157

the Russian tags were kind of fun to do, had to use a virtual keyboard to chime the texts out, ..I'm totally unfamiliar with the Cyrillic alphabet

I tried posting in the Zil section but it seems I don't have the right clearance level :D

also Included three illustrator files in the Zip file
- an unfinished dash board tag (with its reference pic)
- the dashboard instrument panel missing one last dial
- the door inner panel (in illustrator 8.0 format so probably directly importable in your favorite 3D software.)

And if anyone is doing a Zil-157, I strongly recommend acquiring Wheels & Wings publication's excellent booklet, full of detailed pictures on many variants.