Your dream car

Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota

Without a doubt my favourite car of all time and has been ever since I learned of its existence reading a feature in Performance Car Magazine in July '95!

At a time when the McLaren F1 was proudly wearing it's crown as the most awesome supercar ever created (it still deserves to I think!) few people knew about the Diablo Jota which in short was Lambo's standard SE30 with a factory-upgrade bolted to its engine which pumped the output up to just under 600BHP!

Thanks to the internet I have since learned that Lamborghini manufactured 28 of these upgrade kits but only 12 of them was actually installed in a car. I think that there are speciallists around that will still upgrade your SE30 to the Jota spec if you so desire - And why wouldn't you! Just look at it!! I really dig the bubble-scoops on the roof! haha!!

I know it's nitpicky but I adore the shine that the owner of the Jota in the second picture has managed to draw out of that gorgeous paint job and for that reason alone I would call that the BEST example of the best car in the world! - I want it!! -- She makes me feel funny!!! :grin:


Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota - Newsflash!!!

How weird is this...

Anyone dropping by this thread will have just read my post where I came close to embarrassing myself through my relentless gushing and professing my eternal love for this car... (I know, I make myself sick!)

Because SMC has now put me in the mood I've just run a Google Image search on the Diablo Jota just so I could see if there have been any new pics of this beast posted over the last few months or so and well...
As if I couldn't get anymore loved up over this thing: The second Jota picture that I attached to the above post; the one with the wax job I really like; the exact example that I hold above all others (you remember!)...

It's only for bloody sale!!! - I can't quite believe it!
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Cats Exotics - 1994 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 JOTA - Everett, Washington

1994 Lamborghini Diablo Se30 Jota - Lamborghini - for sale in 1730 Gibson Rd, Everett, WA 98204 | Used Cars For Sale

If only I had a spare $200K kicking around!
16 year old legend with only 5442 miles on it!

It's definitely the one because it's shiny as hell and you can hone in on its singular giveaway visual clue; the owner has dared to personalise his supremely rare car by frosting out the front indicators, something I normally couldn't forgive but it does kinda work in this case!
My dream car right now is a toss up between two cars, both of which im lucky to say i've driven :D

1. Audi R8
2. Aston Martin DBS

The Audi, so elegant, so comfortable, looks and sounds mean, crazy interior...

the Aston, looks like an animal, sounds tough, however i didn't like the auto setup in it... maybe if the one i drove was manual it would be my dream car.
Some cars is just waiting to show up cheep one sunny day. BMW 7 with a V12 but just some cheep wreck to beat the crap out and squeeze the last drops of life from.

A mint condition Mantra, green metallic.

John Milner's little yellow!

And of course build a clone of my first car a Opel Record 1965 painted with silver metal flake and Candy Blue flames. When i was 18 that sparkle little mini Impala was the coolest car in the valley at least if you asked me!

And this old artwork in shape as a hot rod that wiped out the prize tables in the 60s in every car show in Sweden!


At this moment...

Mercedes C112, but rebuilt with lightweight materials, AMG driveterrain (with latest 5.5 biturbo V8, 571PS/900Nm), latest ABC-system, new Merc rims and a black interior. I bet 330 shouldn't be a problem, the 1600kg proto with 90's V12 went 300+.
Dream Car

Of course my dream car is Nissan Sentra. I've seen the 2011 Nissan Sentra and it seems to be very cool and we all know that Nissan cars are fast. I've also checked Nissan Sentra parts dealers so that if I'm going to buy a car, I can be sure that I know where to buy and upgrade parts.
in no particular order:

Porsche 911 964 :drool:

Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZO6 (best bang for the buck :p )

McLaren F1

Koenigsegg CCGT

Ariel Atom

well the list could go on and on... :grin:
I like these on your list

I'll add

Porsche 917

Lola T70

Jaguar XJ13 (only 1 made)
Jaguar XJ220

1967 Ford GT40 Mk1
2006 Ford GT

SSC Ultimate Aero

Factory Five, GTM

Ferrari 250 GTO

Nissan GTR


My pick would have to be the 1913 - 1922 Center Door Model T Ford.
No others looked quite like it, it looked kind of like a cross between a sedan and a coupe.