Your dream car

well, this goes well for a first post

My dream car would be a american hotrod, like a Ford 32 with a big chevy block :)
But expensive, and worst part, completely impossible to have street legal in my country, so it will be allways just a dream car for me
hmm.. have I posted in this thread.. not sure.... My favorite dream car.... hmm thats a toughie... I love European sports cars ( who doesnt) however... Id have to say (to be unique) either an Aston Martin V600 or a Lotus Esprit V8.
why does it have to be a dream car? and not cars? :grin: . a few of my favourites are the lp560, lotus exidge, 1969 camaro. i have loads more but these will do for now


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Probably the McLaren F1 - doesn't matter if it is a standard F1 or a GTR converted back for road use.

More practical though, I could go for a new 911 Turbo - but I'd be tempted to wait for the PDK version when it arrives. Less practical, but faster, more basic and more fun would be a 430 Scuderia. :)

I could love a Pagani Zonda F however, and the Lamborghini LP640 wouldn't be unwelcome. :)

My practical 4 door car would just be the Holden W427, with 7.0 litres and 505hp. Practical, fast, and with all the usual refinements. :)

Funny enough though, my main mode of transport these days is trains - cheaper, faster and easier than driving. I can sleep on the train, can't do that while driving. :)
My dream car would start out as a Nissan 350Z...then drop about $120,000 worth of modifications on it. Got the list somewhere around here. :D
Something standard...SSC Ultimate Aero TT.
Absolute dream car? I have a large fleet of cars I dream of owning But here is three of teh ones I'd like to have the most . 1-Talbot Lago, say a 1937 or so. 2-A 1971 Hemi Cuda. 3- A 1966 or so Jaguar XKE. I know, odd set of choices.

I pretty much own my down to earth dream car- 2008 Mustang. The bank still owns most of it, unfortunately......
dream cars....

Well, This is a toss-up for me. Personally I love the Nissan 350Z, but a few other cars Id love to own someday(in my dreams xD) would have to be the Honda S2000, and the Audi R8. I use to be a big lamberghini fan but i got out of that stage in my life haha...
my dream car would be the Mitsubishi Evo XI or X and a big true off roader the Nissan Patrol GR 3.0 4 door automatic , also a dream bike would be the Yamaha R1 from 2005 - 2009 model.Cheers.