Your dream car

A man can dream....

A Honda S2000 convertible.

or Nissan 350Z

Guess I'm more of an import...

Right now I own two cars but need to get rid of my old BMW 740iL since I drive my other car instead.

The IC

uses too many smileys

thinking on venom's terms, id have a road homologated 787b

thinking on everyone elses terms, id have a Dauer 962, Toyota GT-ONE road car, Nissan R390 road car or a 1998 911 GT1 road car

and a possibly reachable dream car would be a 1999 model RX7 with a 20b put in it (although the way things are going, there wont be any un-riced/blinged ones left by the time i could viably afford it)

if i included race cars that id want to own, then the list would be much much bigger :p
I'm not to keen on the Veyron myself. it's an impressive car I'll admit. but i just don't like it's style.

as for my dream car.

i would love a new 2007 GMC Sierra Denali in black. just an awesome truck. my only problem is Denali is only a crew cab only model.

or an up coming Camaro SS "hopefully with a 427" even if it's underpowered. the color I'd chose would be Forest Green with white stripes or Hauger Orange with black like the concept
I'm a Dodge Viper man myself and have always loved them since the beginning. I'm happy that they stay true to the original styling while keeping it updated.

My favourite Viper are usually the Hennessey modified versions. They do an awesome smooth aero kit for the current SRT that adds a whole new layer of sexy to the car.....


there is now a brand new ACR Viper, and its just awesome. Wicked funky paint job with a line going from front to back, even included on the top of the steering wheel.


I vote for the awaited DBX, I hope it'll be some kind of Vanquish'ed DB9. Not the DBS, it's ugly sportswear on the DB9. And a Caterham SuperLight R500.
my first post, hi

mine would be ether:
Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car
Arial Atom 500
Koinigsegg CCXR
Maserati MC12
the new Nissan Skyline GTR
'95. Civic hatchback
Toyota Celica GT-four (ST205)
Nissan Silvia s15
new Skyline GT-R
Porsche Carrera GT (my favourite)
Pagani Zonda
Suzuki Escudo (Vitara) Pikes Peak
Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe
didnt notice this thread,
my list
Lambo Murcielago Spyder (lowered till the bodywork almost touches the ground, bright orange, 19's for shoes, thats a badass ride )
Porsche 997
Ferrari 430 Scuderia,
Koeniggsegg CCGT
Ferrari FXX
Caparo T1 ( dont care if it will grill me like an oven, the engine noise is sex man...)
Most probably would be an F1 car, maybe this years Ferrari, hope they win tommorow, although Lewis Hamilton took pole in qualifying......