X1-2014 N.S.P. Vehicle

Designing a car not similar to any make or model, but can autob-shift. What should I add to it?

  • Car engine that do the same, but extend at all angles.

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  • An engine that will function as a main computer and power source.

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Did some work the other day on Variant 1, by adding some vents on the outside of the car. Doing some refinements for the vehicle. Some of the objects need some smoothing down for the variant here.
I did some work on a series of variants for the X1 2014 changed some parts of the vehicle by creating another intake vent for better patrolling speed for catching cyber-criminals, and widened the back end of the car.
Here's a rear view of detail I added for this. Added some flexible tail lights in the back for the auto-shifting features. Smoothed down the pylons connecting to the spoiler.
Since I decided to make a variant to be less cartoony, but to make it have some more detail for a line-art motion comic. I added some more cylinder parts to cover the wheels. Here's another angel of the car's rear with extra wheel protection and a front view, but still keeping the tron styled wheels, with a different look to it.


I now changed the wheels a bit on the vehicle, but want to make it adjustable. So I added a couple of cube objects as the roots for the wheels and decided to design something different since this work is designed from scratch, something less Tron but with a style to it (Bottom Images).

I changed the material look to the lighted wheels to dilute the Tron feel to it (Top Image).





I adjusted the material for the hollow hubcaps (Top Image), and starting to streamline the spoiler (Bottom Image in Red).



Pulled back the pylons and smoothing the spoiler.
Here are some of the designs of the season one variant. I created a line-art effect, while visioning what it will look like.