WZA Contest: Zombiebuster

As I already say i like your model. Spec. front side.

Do you use big texture on your model ?

Your last update: Again..... as i already say...... GREAT MODEL ! You, Tom, Dr Feelgood and Veve you are TOP 4 (my opinion)
haha thanks guys, I did have really big textures on it, like camo was 3000x3000 or something like that, but now nearly all of them are 1024x960 or under since it saved render time, and less memory was used up.

I had another scene idea, instead of palm trees and jungle environment, I looked at a beat up semi-urban one. so here is a building I've made, figured out a nice little way of making dents and chips on the walls. This design will go through I think, I like it better than the other one atm. what do you guys think of it, and what do you think of the damage?


LOL..... i start to write my opinion when you 1st time post scene but some good movies was been on TV so i don't finish my message but....

well here is new message .... I LIKE IT MAN !!! REALLY..... add some crates, boxes, barrels, street lights and put volume fog. Extra wooden planks all around, dead human bodys..... parts of bodys.
thanks guys, only give it 5 stars if it really is worth it, its a good indicator for me (sort of :p ) but thanks yea, and I've added boxes, barrels and stuff to it . heres two quick renders I made yesterday, post them today,


thanks guys, glad you like it, btw who or what are Romero or Tarantino ?

anyways not really an update, just slapped some more textures in the scene, although they need serious work, just stuck in my pick up in the render, although when it is finally rendered it will not be sitting on the road, I have something else planned :p


are you serious about romero and tarantino lmao

Update looks smooth man

Can you have maybe like one or 2 of those lights broke on the windshield


Hehe... Maybe Romero & Tarantino aren't so huge stars, after all ;)

There is something weird about the colors in your scene, looks too green to be real. But it gives your picture a style, so it's of course up to you to decide what to do.

For sure there is a very high level of skills shown in this contest, and this entry won't be out of top 5.
Romero & Tarantino are DIRECTORS. They most recently did the "Grindhouse Series" The two movies were Planet Terror and Death proof. Planet Terror is a 70's style Zombie movie and Death Proof is a 70s style car movie. Tarantino also did Dusk till Dawn, a vampire movie. Plus many others



And Romero is the father of all zombies movies, with his series "Night of the Dead", "Dawn of the Dead", "Day of the Dead" and "Land of the Dead". They're all must-have-seen.
thanks guys, will make some broken lights, with like a hole, but the bulb is still lit, the whole green atmosphere is just what I used for clays and previous renders, I'm not sure what colour to do it, but its going to be unnatural as I think it gives it a more strange and twisted look, once I have my blood dripping zombies in place.

thanks for filling me in on these dudes, missed those films.....:eek: but to be honest I've only heard of Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, the others are unheard titles to me. but heres just some renders, without the gun, wanted to see how that looks nothing new yet....working on a destroyed car for the scene ( when I mean working on, I mean still to start :p)


not much time to do 3d these days, with school work catching up on me....so obv. school comes first, better to have a good qualification over this.thats is why theres been lack of updates, here is a new render, although I have another idea in mind which I will go to if time on 3d runs very short (most probable) - for now there is nothing new modelled just a render, for now :D