WZA Contest: Zombiebuster

the intake fan seem really low, esp since the tailpipes come out kind high... it makes engine placement awkward....

but, aside from that, it looks really awesome, good work!!
thanks guys, the fan on the front isnt an intake fan, its for chopping anything that goes through there, but I guess ity could have a dual purpose, but surely this awkward setup could possibly work, Im not going to change the layout :D

Anyways Im not making any safety or protection for the gunner, don't like how it looks, so anyways I decided to give the gunner a sort of luxury, now he has a seat :) tell me what you think.


but the turret can rotate 360 degrees

heres some renders of the gunner sitting on it.
Ok for this fact about turret but maybe just put some blades and spikes on back car fender. Just to have some basic protection. What if that gunner fire constantly at front and some zombies sneak behind car. Thats the only thing i have to comment for your model. All other is GREAT !!!

In fact all our cars, trucks ,tractor will move constantly and we know that zombies is not champions in speed but we also can see in latest zombie movies that zombie is more faster and faster :)
thanks guys, I will try and make some spikes or something so zombies cant climb on, however I have finished all my prelim exams (last one was today) so apart from spikes or something for smalltime protection for the harore gunner, is there anything else I need to do to this car....?


The attitude of the gunner on his seat looks really impressive. I like it !

I agree about how unsafe the car is for the gunner. Some spikes or a light cage around him could be a good idea.

Also, there is no visible mechanism to allow it to turn 360°.
thanks, made the mechanism for the gun to rotate, but I really don't like safety for the gunner, cos it doesnt look good at all.....and if it doesnt look good then to hell with it, the guy can be more alert :p, will try and figure something out.


Maybe something like this. And electric fence with cutwire(i don't know how to name it, but on top of fences to prevent people from climbin over it) make the fance outwards and put 10.000 volts over it:D


maybe man, thnx for the input, but max is acting all weird, I used to have 900k polies in scene and it rendered fine, got rid of 400k polies and it rendered fine, as soon as I started modifying parts and adding stuff, and its less than 600k, max just cuts off and some error report thingy comes up, any ideas why?
hey guys, I don't run anything in the background, only security and such, isnt direct x, and openGL just for the viewports?. if it is, theres no point because its fine in viewports, just cuts off or gives me a messed up image when rendering.

well the xform works and it renders sort of, if I take off the glow and glare for headlights, if I have just of them on it gives me random black squares in my render.

Although it might be the vast amount of textures Im using, because I havent UVW unwrapped anything, I just layered everything on top of each other, like paint camo texture then decals, then blood, then dirt ..... and so on-you think that could be the reason?
never mind guys, I was being a plonker, I checked over my materials to see if anything was up with them, and what do you know I stuck my bump map for tail lights in the displacement slot ( displacement takes up a helluva lot of memory ) so yea my bad being an idiot lol.

Anyways heres a lil render..... now to model something on it.