WZA Contest: "The Reaper"


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well... here she is .... FINISHED!

still doing renders, but heres some to look at.

I'm going to do my scene at the old motel plot I did for the standard buick ( Route 66 by ~greenvampire on deviantART )

Low down on Weapons::

Buzzsaws :: Big front anti-kickback blades, for chomping through the zombies. Side smaller blades, for destroying potential attacks.

Shovel Bumper :: made from sheet metal, a big front bumper to guide blood and body parts away from the front wheels and underbody of the car

Pitch Forks :: along side the large front buzzsaws to hold the dead bodies in place while they get grinded up.

Flamethrower exhausts :: for toasting rear attacks.

Fireworks :: inner loading tubes mounted to front and rear metal windows, fireworks loaded in, fire out to impale and dispurse zombie crowds.

Off Road Tires :: jacked up rear suspension allows larger tires from a pickup... extra traction over the bloody ground.

Ok, well thats it for now... going to start building a zombie or two hopefully... so I can get some outdoor renders done :).

for now, heres the update to the story :)

The Reaper’s Story – Entry Three – “The Reaper be-a weaving her way”
:: The Reaper be-a weaving her way :: 20th Feb 08 :: 21.30 hours ::

Another week past, did some more digging, found more buzzsaw blades… managed to hook em up under the car, bolted up the back door and fitted a motor to run ‘em on a drive belt… used a couple old gear cogs… nothing major.
Found some good off-road tires out back on an ol’ pickup, so jacked up the rear suspension on the Buick and fitted em, should give some traction!
Also found some gas canisters, shoved em in the boot and lead a welding pipe down to the exhaust… make some flame-grilled zombie meat!

Late Monda’ night, there was a-bangin on the garage door, figured it would be some zombies…. Ran down to the workshop and started up the Buick… raised the garage door…. And its Joe! He’d been walkin miles cause his wrecker got busted up down by the ol’ motel plot.
He aint injured… ol’ Joe can handle himself. We got to work finishing the Buick, added a few more safety messures inside like first aid and food supplies… also fitted more firework pipe’s outa the back window.

So, there she is… finished and ready to take on the slaughter… Zombie scum… you listenin to me Boy!? The Reaper is comin!!

Me n Joe are gunna head on down to the ol’ motel plot… I’ll update ya’ll later…



I have only one word: AMAZING mate but....... one thing.... so much shiny spots on car body with that big and nasty and brilliant made rusts that almost tell us that on this spot we can make hole with our fingers.... its not going together but this is my opinion mate


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I see what you mean mate, I agree totally... I'll dull down the spec map + reflections so that it looks more "dirty"... as though its just been pulled outa the junk yard :)


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yeah no prob mate, ill compress a PSD file from the body texture for you to look at... sometimes seeing and polking around it is better than reading how to do it ;)
Well, great job and wonderful picture, it's like Rodriguez Planet Terror. :grin:

The corpses could have been more rottted by the wayn but it's a small detail. ;)
WOW... that is inredible, its got a very art look to it. its soo mean looking, props for the painted over rust metal on the car. This thing is very gruesom for sure.