WZA Contest: The Jester

Changed the wheel and fender opening size... I think it looks better. Thanx

Also I agree the green is nice, but like I said tooooo much like Batman's Joker. So I changed it to blue. I do a render and then post it.

I was not referring to making every nut and bolt, but the top part of the car, instead of sticking tapered boxes with a bend modifier for the spikes is really simple, and I mean you could have joined the spikes to the top - and if you find this harsh, then tough I'm just being honest with you, I mean there is nothing which shows a good technical excetion they are all standard primitives in max with a little modifier, and then use splines for the bars and such, I mean you could make it much better with better modelling - thats all I was trying to get across the first time.
Guys, c'mon. Settle down a bit, eh?

I think it's quite good, and especially different, for someone that is newish to 3D. It's always encouraged to think outside the box, especially in a contest like this.

Personally, if you make a really cool texture with this, with some awesome blood and dirt splattered up the sides, ect, it's gonna look quite tops!!
Crazy -
I understand you perfectly. I understand you are trying to help. I am not at all upset. I am NOT using max. I am using Lightwave. Like I said I am going for the smooth cartoony look... so splines are not going to work well for me. I want the booms to look like they are part of the roof, not bolted on or attached. Again, the smooth cartoony look. No real sharp edges... Like the cars in any cartoon or childrens book.

I understand if you think that shows a lack of modeling skill, but sometimes it is harder to make something look simple than to make it look complicated. Anybody can throw 25 more pieces onto some piece of machinery and make it look more technical or complicated. But can they make it simple with few parts and get across the essence and purpose of the machine ?? That's what I am trying to accomplish.

Thanx for the input and comments from everyone

Well, still working on the Jester... changed colors again, and like it better. This time it is a golden yellow bottom and a ruby red top, very regal looking :)

Still working on the textures... getting a UV texturing DVD in the next week. Hope that can straighten out the problems I'm having with it. This contest is a great excuse to learn more texturing tricks.

Here is the latest render with the new colors and a few mods. I changed the mounts for the cables and tried to see if I could get the lights to work.

Comments and Crits welcome.

Next step ..... Texturing!!!! :(




You should add a loft surface between roof and each spike, to get more this cartoon look you're aiming for.

Also, the render AA could be better. Try to increase AA settings.

I like the new color scheme. The yellow is really nice.

I still think you can increase the wheel. Also, try to move higher the bottom of the car, it hides most of the wheels.

But it's definitely the most original work in the contest IMHO. Keep it up that way !
Thanx for the comments guys. I am debating about the wheels... I myself like the small wheels, I think that is part of what gives it the cartoony look.

Tom120934 - Loft surface ?? Do explain... I am using Lightwave not Max, so if you know how to explain it or what they call it in Lightwave, please do.

Just waiting for my DVD to come and I will start texturing it.

Thanx again everyone.

Don't get me wrong i just think that bigger wheels will give you a stronger look of Jester. Not much, just little bigger but.... as i already say..... i like this zombie killer !!! Its going very good man !


What I meant is, add a surface to smooth the transition from roof to spike. Basically, it's just an arc of circle extruded all around the intersection between both existing surfaces.
Here is The Jester with the "arms" and lights molded into the roof. In other words I re-did the whole roof area.
Thanx to Tom120934 for the comment about it. So I thought I'd try it and I think it is WAY better looking. Also adjusted the wheels and wheelwell area, but it just seemed to take away alot of the cartoony look. So I went back to the smaller ones.

Temporary texture on the wrecking balls... just trying a few things out.

Comments and Crits welcome.. Enjoy and thanx to everyone for helping me to make this better and better.



Man, seriously, with an awesome texture, this thing could easily be up there with the top contenders. Again, it's such a fantastic design, and an awesome texture would only add to it.
Got the texturing DVD - going through it now. Trying to get a good unwrap for the UV map... But I am determined to get this and get it done!!

wow this thing is certainly unque.. though I think it will become encumbered on mud and what not with those tiny wheels. But as tall as this thing is I dont think ther ewoudl be a problem with the zombies reaching.. wait.. how big is this thing. I'm assuming those are regular size wheels.. might help if I read the thread I guess ;)