WZA Contest: The Jester

Well, here is my "professional concept drawing" ( it's drawn on a sticky note with pen).

I decided to go a different direection than what most are doing. I am going the more comical "cartoony" route. This is almost a vehicle froma roadrunner cartoon or something like that.

It is a cartoon bus/van with booms hanging out on each side with cables holding spiked balls on the end. Kinda like a spiked chain mace.

Here it is..... The Jester

Comments and Crits and Suggestions welcome.



thanx everyone for all the comments.

Here is the start of modeling... it matches the sketch almost perfect

I have the day off tomorrow (Saturday), so I hope to work on it some more



Well here it is with more of the modeling done.

Threw on the purple and green that was suggested.... don't know what colors I'm gonna use.

Need to put the windows in it.

Comments and Crits welcome always



modelling is quite poor and simple man, I take it you are new to 3d, bcoz most of it is a slight modification of the standard primitives, really youy should look up some modelling tutorials and then you could make this entry better
I agree with crazy about last update look but maybe we just need to wait for some more update/s and more details on Jester. Keep working tinpau and keep us updated.
The Jester is suppose to be fairly simple. It is suppose to be more humorous and comical, than highly detailed with every nut and bolt. I can model evey nut and bolt and wire, but that is what most of the entries are doing... I am looking/trying for something different.

Certainly the little wheels and tires and the tall body would not be a "real life" body style. This is a stylistic/ cartoony model.

And I wanted to have fun and improve my modeling and texturing... try new things and BE DIFFERENT

Sorry if it not your "thing"

As i say in my previous post.... Jester is better and better.

One thing mate..... if you already choice to post screenshots, please press F4 to remove wire from model before you hit Print Screen button. THX

Ok - Here is a studio render of The Jester, so far. Still have textures and little things to work on, but I think modeling is pretty much complete.

Let me know if you have any different body color suggestions, I like the purple and green, but it is too much " joker" colors from Batman.

Here it is ... comments and crits welcome.




Really interesting work, as the technical execution shows pretty good skills, and as this is really original work. I like it.

But I know you may disagree with what I'll write next, but I must say your wheels are too small, because they're almost unnoticeable at the moment.

Keep us updated, it's really nice for everyone to see such a different entry.