WZA Contest : Super Seven Killing UnDead

Thanks for all your kind comments.

Prykie, for sure I'm still on it. I want to end in the top5, and I need some serious work when I see all the stunning entries so far in the contest.

greenvampire, thanks, but I must confess it's only procedural. I found the shader at blender-materials.org (Camouflage - Blender Open Material Repository - download blender materials/shaders for free!) and I only tunned it a bit.

Kran, thanks.

janusz_the_maker, thanks. About the digital camo, I think it will be more suitable to a more technological car (like modern ones : 599GTB, R8, ...) I keep your idea for future use.

Prince_of_Darkness, thanks. I think you're the first one to write about the rocket headlights. I just loved the idea then, and I can't get bored by it.

staticrain03, thanks !

Here's a couple of new renders. I'm using a SVN feature of Blender : integrated sun / sky / atmosphere effects (see : Blender.ir*-*Blender.ir activities.)