WZA Contest : Super Seven Killing UnDead

I agree with the doctor, The dirt is too evenly spread. For example, as your front wheels are exposed, the dirt will form across the side of the car in streaks, front to back kinda thing

The patches of dirt are too consistent in your previous render. you need some variation in sizes, and depth.

The tires are too dark as well. i'm not a pro myself at texturing, but i think they look too flat in tone

i am not saying this is a mean and angry way like its bad. you have done good, but these improvements will defently make this car look many times better. :)

Hope to see more
Thanks for all the comments.

fskpzns, I agree with you. I should try this.

Doc, no problem with what you've written. I really agree with you, it looks more like rust than dirt. I think I won't have any other option than to unwrap the full body and draw a complete texture with 2D software. Unfortunately, these are not skills of mine, and I doubt I'll have enough time to learn that until the contest deadline.

veve, thanks. I wish I have only 10 percents of your shadering/texturing skills !

DbblGlock, I completely agree with you, too. But I'm lacking some skills to achieve that. So I'll do my best to learn as fast as possible.

So, what I will do is :
- Finish the modeling job. I've got a todo list with more than 10 entries on it.
- Try to achieve a nice "totally clean car" render.
- Try to draw dirt and blood and rust the easy way, by applying only small textures here and there on the body.

Here's a test render of the model. Stay tuned for more updates.


Thanks Doc for the article but I've never heard of such a feature in Blender. Maybe for a next release, who knows ?

Anyway, I stayed focused on learning uvw unwrapping and creating textures with Gimp. Here's a first result. Also, I tried to use the Blender internal renderer instead of YafRay : both renders below use the internal.



Thanks for the comments.

I don't know yet with which renderer I'll continue (internal or YafRay)

No update about texturing so far. I have very little time these days to work on the Seven, so I decided to carry out first all the modeling pieces I still have to do. So here is a little update : some details for the dashboard, and a brand new rim.


I agree with crazy 989 about texture. Also texture is repeat and this is clearly visible. Try to make bigger texture in your editor.

And i vote for YafRay


Thanks crazy 989 and fskpzns for your comments.

About the texture, it's just that I've made renders with the grid texture, which has a different resolution and I forget to resize when I get back to the "real" texture. As I realized the issue once the render was completed, I will post another render later. Stay tuned.
Great job Tom, really impressive !:eek:

And by the way, many thanks for your tutorials :);)

Good luck for the textures, i think it's the most difficult thing to do...
It looks like there is not so much activity the last days/weeks about the WZA contest. I guess Veve's wonderful job just put every other contenders to get back to work ;)

Btw, this is what I did. Here's a little update. Sorry for the low resolution & low quality, I will post better render later.