WZA Contest : Super Seven Killing UnDead

I'm liking this more and more , i know it's too early to decide , but you have great chances for winning ,so far i can't spot anything wrong (or i don't like ) keep it this way [i just think you need to throw some photons on the back so we can see it , and i don't know about those classic cars , but didn't they have mufflers?]
ROcky103, I rendered it with YafRay : I'm no Max user but Blender user.
Oops! I dont know where i got the old brazil render things from. Ya sorry I remeber you telling me you used blender now. Unfortuantly I dont know much about what you use to be of any real help. I cant believe having just two lights could shoot that render up to 4hours but i guess its possible.I hope your able to find away to lower that time but also to keep a great looking render.

It looks great! Very nice details mate!
et_fone_home, in my case, it was not a matter of lighter/darker, but it was because I've changed the global illumination method, and this one grabbed less light from the dark background (dark but not completely black)

Nitro-x, thanks for the compliment, but like you said it's really early to bet. About the rear being a bit unlighted, I've increased light intensity, check the render below. It's not perfect, but sufficient for WIP renders.

ROcky103, thanks for the compliment. The main slow-down sources were :
- The number of samples in each light : 10x10 was overkill. I reduced to 8x8 in the previous render (and in the one below too) and it's enough I think. I should try 7x7 or even 6x6.
- The GI model : without GI, there is no blue tint brought from the background. So GI is mandatory. But in 4h render, I used what is call "Full GI" in YafRay : light rebounds are computed between each objects. I moved to "Sky dome", which is lower quality but faster : it works like an AO, taking care only of background and one object at a time (no light goes from one object to another one)

The 4h render setup is pretty cool, I will keep it for final renders.

The model has only one little change : I replaced a metal plate with a glass on the side to get more visibility for the gunner.


I think the metal plate made it look more tank-ish, which was good. The plexi-glass look doesn't really suit the rest of the car, and plus the sniper, even though he can now see out that way, can't swing his rifle out to fire in that direction.
The perspex plate was a requirement of ... my wife ;) I'll see what to use for final render. Even if he can't rotate his rifle enough, windows are useful because he can see earlier a villain to target him more easily.

Here's a first test render. Only some parts are included, because not all shaders haven't been set up at the moment.


Nice ,but for a test of course , maybe you should consider using an aggressive paint job , or maybe some rust here and there if you want to keep the 'old' look , but i think the paint job will be cooler though ,with some flame , or even better , some blood on the blades will rock the render , we're waiting for your innovation :)
Are you actually going to texture via UVW Un-Wrapping (Blender's equivelant of course)?? It would be really sweet to see the dirt on the tires and blood on the windshield!!
Last render is just a proof that this car can be use even off fight..... for example to drive with girl on some romantic place. Tom think on all. You see guys. When we kill all zombies and free the world... Tom is always in action. No stop. No rest. Just push button, make car convertible, hide guns, blades and throwers and put nice red color :)

PS: Before you pick up girl, change the License plate :)

I just tell my 1st impression when i see last rnd. But this is not in bad context. Its just show how is good your work man.
This model rocks! it really looks great. just one question...are the wheels with no suspension?because i think that right now they should be 100% stiff...why?u drive on some bumps the wheel goes a bit up and the spikes scream good bye to wheel arches...apart from that, it really looks great:)cheers
Thanks for all your comments.

Nitro-x, Doc, of course it's just a test render. I will add some dirt and blood later, but first I have to learn how to unwrap efficiently and to create a good-looking dirt&blood texture.

fskpzns, you're crazy ;) Thanks for the comment.

Swinger76, thanks ! There is suspensions in the car, please check previous render from the front. The modeling is a bit simple so far, I'll elaborate on it later if I have enough spare time.

Here's another test render, with more parts with shaders.


very nice man, just small points to note, the tyre is too black, and is does not show light bouncing off it, like there is not much specular. Also the colour of the car is not ideal if you are going to add (which I presume ) blood splatter or something of the sort,
lol so this is what a zombie killer looks like brand new off the show floor ;D

Great job so far, get some age and wear with some blood splatter and it will really be competitive.
Thanks for all the comments.

pedro.malheiro, thanks ! I hope I'll be able to continue that way !

crazy 989 thanks ! You're right about the tire shader, I'll work again on it later. And I've changed the car color.

KMyers-MG, thanks !

IceKid84, I agree with you, it really looks like it's just get off of the showroom at Detroit ;)

Here's a first attempt of doing dirt on the car. Let me know what do you think.


Honestly Tom, and please don't take offence to this, it looks as if someone's just spray-painted paint in random spots on the car. You need to put some thought into how scracthes and dirt is formed on the body of a car. I'd suggest taking a look at screen-shots for a game called Flat-Out 2. This will help a bit.

As for my knowledge, I may not be the best at grunging-it-up, but I usually follow the What, When & How methods when doing this sort of stuff:

What: What sort of substance/object hit the car? Densities, ect.

When: How old are the scratches/blood/dirt? Would the mark have had time to rust??

How: Was the object/substance hit at force? Dropped on?

Hope this helps :)