WZA Contest : Super Seven Killing UnDead


I've not downed to the trend so no hand-drawn sketch ;)

Here's what I've modeled so far. I consider no part as finished at the moment, so everything is subject to change.

I'll go for a lot of blades and spikes, and also some miniguns. The side seat will be rear mounted to allow the copilot to kill zombie backwards, just for fun. The front minigun is supposed to be controlled by the driver with an helmet attached device.

PS : The DB9 is just on hold, I will resume work on it after the contest, as I don't have enough time to work on both projects at the same time.


Very nice job tom120934 :) I was really looking forward to seeing your idea, and I am quite please to say that I'm impressed!!

One fast zombie killing-machine!!... 0 to splattery-zombie-death in 3.2 seconds :grin:


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Wow nice start Tom, love the machine gun in the middle and the spikes on the wheels, cant wait to see more!
I really like the idea especially the monkey infront, please keep it there
And about the idea in this competion there are a way to super fast cars, maybe all of you think thet if you can run you don't need to hide
interesting design ... buti think that would be a problem .. if you crash into zombies they would get stuck in those spikes and block the front of the car and aircouldnt get into the engine/IC
It is looking really nice, i like the idea. I'm curious how you are going to pretect the drivers from the zombies:D The front looks really good.

But you're a bit saddistic (don't know how to spell it:p) First you drive the feet of the zombies with those spikes on the front. Then they can't walk anymore so you can drive slowly over them:grin:

Keep it going, only crit i have, just behind the front, the bodylines doesn't fit well. I know everything isn't finished yet but i tought, i tell it anyway;)
cool car i wish i could model like that. my entry is anything but fast its about the slowest vehicle you could find but also one of the strongest and safest. im going after the zombies not running from them. i remember something about the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain. either smashing, crushing, shooting , or otherwise obliterating it. ive got a modifaction on my dozer to deal with that issue and ive never seen a zombie run very fast so the dozer should out pace them lol.
looks awesome, loving the machine gun, and monkey is cool, maybe you could extend the spikes a bit so they protect the wheels as well, or atleast the struts, holding the wheel, looks like a weak point
haha, i like. nice to see you joining in this competition. looks like a mighty fine start.

i like the nice details, but i kinda agree with crazy in that you might want to protect the "weaker areas"

keep it up man
lol maybe he will replace the original suspension bars with razorsharp blades :D

just an idea :p

oh and I just love that monkey on the bonnet...
okay I just realised how horribly wrong that sounded, but you know what I mean... I hope.. if not then I'd probably won't dare to show me here anymore :p


What a bunch of comments ! Thanks everyone !

Dr Feelgood, thanks. I see this car as an escort scout, moving along with some huge vehicle (a bus or a truck) to protect it and clear the way. Maybe 2 or 3 Seven for a convoy.

Prykie, thanks. No update at the moment, but I'm working on some nice parts. Stay tuned.

dissaster, thanks. The monkey is a kind of easter egg, as it's the most useless so the most indispensable feature of Blender, like the teapot in Max. Her name is Suzanne. Say hello to SMC, Suzanne ;)

Johnas, thanks. Please read above about the monkey ;)

doom18, thanks. You're right about the blades : that's why they are rotative : they raise to show the under blade, and by the way to protect the air intake.

Rsenal, thanks. I got my idea when I've seen the LSV-ZB by fskpzns.

fskpzns, thanks for your comment. They should beware of whole SMC, because we'll have a really nice anti-zombie fleet. It gives an idea : who would agree to see their model within a large big picture ? I have access to the hardware (biXeon 2.66GHz, 8GO RAM) to render a large scene with as many vehicles as we can get. If anyone is interested, it would be a nice picture.

Erik_S, thanks. For a time, I've thought to convert it as a automated vehicle. But I think I'll do the AI-controlled version later. So the driver / gunner protection will be a simple cage around the cockpit. About your critic, you're right : I'll take care of it.

caribcanuk, thanks. I really like your project, something like yours and mine can combine into a special task force for a given high-importance mission.

crazy 989, thanks. I will come up with a protection for wheels, so stay tuned.

DbblGlock, thanks. I know the car will have some weakness, but I want to keep it as lightweight as possible, because an armoured Seven will not be a Seven any longer.

darth_carth, thanks. That's a nice idea, but there is still the chance that a zombie part stay sticked to the suspension. I have to find a solution.

No updates at the moment, because things are too WIP to be worth showing here. Stay tuned ! Thanks again to everyone for taking time to comment.
oh ... so they're roatateing .. thats good ... and iff i'll finish it in time i would be gratefull to send my car over for "the big picture"
Very nice update. Looks more better with this front changes. I agree with your rendering idea from post No 14 i also have idea that someone make, for example underground garage/shelter so we can park all our car together.


Thanks for the comments. Yet another update : the survival cage around the cockpit.

About the big picture, please have a look at the post I've wrote in the contest thread.