WZA Contest: S3 Runner

i'll try ... but i don't know how to use one of those ... any way .. here is a render ... 640x480 resolution ... 1 vray light plane ... and only with the enviroment on ...


it's ok if i ask someone to render the car for me ? because it takes to long if i render it and the only pther option is to buy a new pc... but i ain't have that money ... :|
Use less polies:p What I want to say is, if you know that your PC cant handle such scenes, why do youmodel a 1.3 million poly car? 1.3 MILLION:eek: even with 4 times less polies it would look the same^^
well fskpzns i talked with darth also and he said he will render for me since he has a good pc(my hour equals 20 min for him) and he also uses max 9 an vray like me ...
And on the dealer tag it says " Brand new never run over a body yet" This has the ability survive it seems but doesnt look like the owner chose to take her out on the range hehe. Great job so far though:)