WZA Contest: S3 Runner


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might just be your computer, what rig you running with?

I would say dont withdraw from the contest... seems a wasted effort, especially with such a cool car.

as a last resort, you could pass your scene over to someone else to render if you knew and trusted the person enough.... thats just a suggestion though. If I wasnt already rendering lotsa stuff I would offer, but my comp is gunna be up the eyeballs till early march lol
i'll se what i can figure ou of it ... anyway ... i won't delet the project since is done except the materials ... si we'll see in march
I have Max 9 SP2. You can also send me all texture and for material try to export your materials and than you can send me. If you can't never mind because i can still try to render clean model and if nothing goes wrong than you probably have some problems with materials.

Ok... lets try 1st only with your model..... clean model. Without texture and materials. You can send me a .obj or 3ds (better both) on myuserns@gmail.com
if you have max 9 ... i and send you the .max ... since i use max 9 also ... because i dunno why i cant export .3ds with over 64k polys :|
try .obj but .max will be, of course, fine. I finish with my job at 14h and i will arrived at home around 15h so look for 1st result around 15:15-20
k ... ill send it right now ;) ... for the the camo you have to find where to put the texture because aint in the difuse ... ... any way ... just with a normal paintjob not neceserly the camo would be fine .. and tnx
Ok here is a test with mental ray and skylight. I don't have Vray so i must change render. I also delete V Ray light on your scene and thats all.....

EDIT: I need 9 sec. to render scene. Now i will start to add texture so next phase of test begin.


I put one spot omni on left side of the car and put one AO omni in the middle of scene with Ambient/Reflective Occlusion to make nice more realistic shadows.
Render is Mental Ray

and render take around 4 minutes (because AO light)
I remade materials

If you don't belive me for time of render... i have quad core and 4 gb ram and i assign almost all to render (remember.... my tractor hawe almost 5 mil polys :))) )
My card is Leadtek 7600 GT 256 DDR2 but i plan to buy some 8600 or even 8800 and more RAM because graphic card and RAM is very cheap here.
dunno whats wrong with this damn vray .. it takes almos 1 hour and 1/2 just to render at 640 res ... with 1 vray light (plane) and only enviroment turned on