WZA Contest: S3 Runner

well ... if i'll be joining the comp this would be the car ... i've stated it as a tunde car.. i'll finish it to be one ... and later for the comp i'll add "safety measures"

P.S. tom you said you would look forward to my nex project ... here it is :p


Yes I did say that. So I'm here ;)

Your work is original. I'm not really sure I like, as I'm usually not fan of tuning. But it's almost flawless so far. The only critic I have is about the air exhaust behind front wheels : its borders should be more defined I think.

What bothers me is the following : if I really were in a zombies infected world, and have to come up with a safe vehicle, I'm pretty sure I'll not start by tuning it in a Fast'n'furious way but instead, adding grills and guns and blades like almost every zombie movie showed. That's a reason why I said your work is original for a zombie killer car.

But as usual, as it's your very personal concept, it's of course up to you what to go for. Keep us updated !
i'll keep you update it ... my idea is to tune the care and after that to turn it into a anti-zombie machine :p ... and who could help me with some tutorials on how to make dirt/blood on my car ??
For a start, your car is looking heaps good. It doesn't matter what it looks like, or about whether or not it's tuned. It a creative contest, and not one on realism, so much so that it's even one of the rules. I ain't a fan of Audis, but this is looking awesome (especially the rear), and it's BECAUSE of the tuning :grin:

Please, keep going!!

tom120934: The car could've been tuned before the zombies invaded ;)


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I agree with Dr. Feelgood. While it's not exactly what you would "expect" for a zombie killing automobile, it's totally up to you. What you would feel safe in.

Keep it going. You're doing and excellent job so far. Lovely tuning. Keep the concept going and provide original and lethal safegaurds!


doom18, don't resign just because you don't get a comment in 10 hours. I personally think your car looks good, as the tuning style is very aggressive and is pretty original. Although, I repeat, I usually hate tuning. But you manage to get it much more interesting than a standard Audi.

And that's not a good reason to quit because another A3 / S3 is in progress : see the Hummer hype, we possibly have 3 Hummer at the end. The same for my own project : I'd got the idea of a lightweight car because of other contenders.

One critic however : the bloody textured car render is really worst than the 2 first render. You should stick to the first render style.

Dr. Feelgood, I agree with you, I hadn't considered that possibility. Who wants to produce a crossover between Fast'n'Furious and a zombie movie ?
tnx guys ... but i wasn't thinking off resigning just because there is another audi in the camop ... actually thats better since it would be more of a challange ....
@tom .... the look at the rendering times of the renders .. the bloddy one its made just to see how the blood is commmingallong the body :p and about the crossofvet between FnF and a zombie movie .... it wasnt something i thinked over ... its justa aftter the comp went up i started theis car and on its 4th day sice the comp was up i've decided to join ... thats why its a tuner right about now ... i'll be thinking about my resign ...anyway for the next 2-3 weeks i have exams and probably no times for modeling... tnx again


The door is bumpy around door handle. The rear fender doesn't fit well with the rest of the car. And the doors are a bit too simple too.

You should try to design again because IMHO this update is not of the same quality level than your previous work. No offense, of course, but I'm sure you can do better !

Keep us updated but don't rush ;)
teh fender looks unfiting because of the vent .. dunno where yo usaw the bump ... and i dont want to make the car to much of a tuner since it will have weaponry on it ... i keep the pols as low as i can
no offens taken .. dont worry ... i was just sayng that i dont want soem details that wont be noticed and will bring extra polys for nothing ;)
Go with the bull-bar just by itself. It looks heaps good!!

...Not too sure about those guns though dude... They don't look as realistically modeled as the rest of the car.