WZA Contest - Poll

What Would You Want To Be Driving On Z-Day?

  • greenvampire's "The Reaper"

    Votes: 9 17.0%
  • crazy 989's "Zombiebuster"

    Votes: 2 3.8%
  • veve's "Freedom Truck"

    Votes: 31 58.5%
  • tinpau's "The Jester"

    Votes: 2 3.8%
  • tom120934's "Super Killing-Undead"

    Votes: 4 7.5%
  • Kran's "Dozer"

    Votes: 5 9.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Z-Day is approaching... Designs have been created and have now been put forward to vote on as the over-all zombie killing-machine winner.

When voting, please take into account design and creativity, along with technical execution. Remember too that this contest was based on creativity, and not on practicality!!

Feel free to post a comment as to why you've chosen a particular entry... and no voting for your own work!!


The entrants are as follows...

greenvampire's "The Reaper"


crazy 989's "Zombiebuster"


veve's "Freedom Truck"


tinpau's "The Jester"


tom120934's "Super Killing-Undead"


Kran's "Dozer"


High-res and extra pictures of these entries can be found here.


No surprise, my vote goes to veve's "Freedom Truck".

I love the idea, all the stuff on the truck, the shaders, the scene and the cam angles.

It really looks like professional work. Congratulations to the winner !

But I would really like to warmly thank again everyone who entered the first official SMC contest. The skills shown in all entries are amazing, and all the pictures above are stunning. The subject was very particular, and the results are way above what I could have imagined. Congratulations to everyone, and thanks for that nice couple of months !
Gah... THAT was a hard decision...

veve, mate, you're awesome... There's no doubt about it, and that's why you've got my vote. You worked extremely hard to have sharpened your skills to the standard they are at now. You should be proud!!

To the others, wow... That's all I can say. Perfect work, from tinpau's wicked design sense, to greenvampire for tickkling the fancy of my inner hill-billy.

Good job guys!! I hope you've all enjoyed this contest!!


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to greenvampire for tickkling the fancy of my inner hill-billy.
glad I could spread my hill-billy joy :)

Awsome work everyone, I'm not sure who my vote is going for just yet, I'm blown away with Veve's work, but I also love the originality and slighty "JTHM" feel to "the jester".

congrats to everyone, I think everyone deserves a pat on the back!

*edit - I went for "The Jester" :)
My vote goes to greenvampire. Although the bumpmaps are overdone, this clearly shows the best solution for "When Zombies Attack". An excisting car with few modifications.
Well performed, and well thought of.

Veve's renders are superb by the way.
Damn it's hard to pick one....:/ From the top...
GV's idea is cool, couse it's like NE said, it's "when the zombies attack" most. U take a car, U do a quick modifications and go out there
Crazy 989's work is based on the same concept IMO...if only not that big thing in front, leave's no place for the engine...and thats why it looks odd IMHO
veve's truck...awsome work, great detail, shaders, renders, but when it comes to "WZA" it would take a bit to long to create such a vehicle.
tinpau's The Jester is the most fun looking ride in the poll, i don't know the truck itself but looks varey creative but also non WZA possible.
tom's super seven is also great but ...damn if U could only put more work to the shaders...and it's also a bit too hard to be WZA
Kran's Dozer is the heaviest of all of them, maybe a bit to slow for rageing zombies, but still very nice prepared for the WZA with all that supplies on the top of it...but it's also a bit hard to build ASAP.

All in all, my vote goes to greenvempire for the most realistic WZA, there's only a big chance u get Your legs cut-off when u get out of it but still, best idea i think. If there would be 2nd and 3rd price i think my votes would be veve's truck and Kran's dozer for the second and The Jester for the fun look:)

But once again, superb level of this contest, all the entries are great. But there can be only one so GV....go get them tiger:)
Freedom Truck FTW.

- Fully loaded.
- Safe room
- Lots of spaces for compartments
- Can run over almost anything.
- Prolly one of the best executed.


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I just wish i could see these creations killing some zombies, but I guess that will have to be left for the movies. I gave my vote to the Dozer because it seemed like the best way to plow through swarms of deadly zombies. I did enjoy all of the others too, good work!


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:) Hi friends... thank you for your voices....

I don`t want to vote for myself so my vote go to Kran's "Dozer".... I like details and complicity of his vehicle....

all vehicles is good on some way so congratulation to all of you...
no meter who will take a 1st place it was my pleasure to work with you my friends....

best regards ...


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If we take into consideration Creativity , Practicality , Details and design .... Tom and Veve are tied , but Veve has the advantage of the final render .

Nice materials , well thought of scene and perfect angle , those are the ingredients of a perfect render.

If i had the ability to vote twice , i would go for Tom and Veve , but for now my vote goes for Veve :)

I said it before and i'll say it again , Absolutely nice work Tom ,but if only the final render...........

All other renders are cool too , don't get me wrong , but those two are my favorite ones :)
Well everyone....

Whatever the results of this contest, I will have to say that I had fun and I learned a lot !

But again... I wanted to have fun and I think my entry shows that.

Hope there are some more contests in the works...



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@ Nitro-x

You are absolutely right about Toms "Super Killing-Undead" I was breaking myself between Tom and Kran...