WZA Contest: LSV-ZB

Yes i do but i turn off autobackup 2 days ago because when max start auto save almost every time my max crash. I don't know what happens and way.
I recover my project but every time i try to render scene my Max crash :-((((

Even if you turn off autosave, in autobackup folder you have one .BAK file. Just rename extension from bak to max (1st make copy of .bak file) and load this new file. Unfortunately this method don't work 100 percent for me (can't render scene)


You should try to create a brand new scene and import all the parts from the previous scene (the .bak file you renamed)

As a general rule of thumb, do back up of your work. There is free software with great features to help you, if you run Windows, Cobian is a famous one : Cobian's site - The home of Cobian Backup I'm no user of it, so I can't really recommend it. Give it a chance as I've heard good reviews about it.
Everything work perfect, i can work on my project, save my work but when i hit F10 max just crash and this file is lost (can't load again this file). No matter how many time i save and make copy of my project, every time render crash my max. I try some other projects and everything work fine and smooth and rendering is OK.

!!! GOD WHY ? !!!

Is this one of the Marfi laws ?!?!?!?!? GRRRRRRRRRR


Uninstall / reinstall Max. If it fails, reinstall the whole OS.

What I mean is : don't waste time with such problems. Use a almost-sure solution, even if it's overkill.
Went browsing through this tread for the first time now, and i must say this is a really cool concept. Its early I know but hopefully there will be more protection around that cabin (PS I didnt read all of thread, just glimpsed, so if that was explained sorry) But anyhow I love the little details. :)


Have you tried to recover the contents of the .max files from a fresh install of Windows+Max ? You should really try that if not already done.
I have clean image file of my OS. I always make OS image file when i install new OS for the 1st time and i reinstall max and nothing. Really don't know what is the problem. In one moment all work perfect. In another all go to hell. All other project work perfect.

Never mind. I will focus on my chamfering problems because i can't figure how to chamfer edges in specific situation ( how to solve bump problems) and.... of course i will watch this contest.
i wouldnt give up. ive lost projects and had to start from scratch they usually turn out way better than the original. you had a cool looking vehicle yea its a pain losing work. but its amazing how fast you recreate something once you have already built it, i lost a lavlll i spent 10 days on redid it better in 3 days. now i pretty much always restart and make the final version fresh cause i can get the mesh cleaner and fewer poly for ingame and still have lots of detail. but thats just my preference. 90 % of my models are for ingame so they have to be low poly. thats why im havin fun on this dozer , no poly limit lol, YEA i can go crazy. but dont let a small set back stop you . just my two cents


I definitely agree with what caribcanuk : redoing something takes way less time than doing it the first time.

And maybe you'll find yourself happy to do it better the second time.

Yes it's sad to lose a model, but it's sadder to quit the contest IMHO.