WZA Contest: LSV-ZB


Clean and smooth design. I hope you'll keep that level of details for the whole car. Good luck for filling the whole chassis with equipments, I know how hard it is.
I will only make cover/box for engine and cabin. Rest of chassis will be open and i put some nice stuff inside. I have one nice idea but i will see how can i realize this.

I also plan to model engine. One nice V engine but i will see.... if my Max skill allow me to do this.
cool you gonna drop the tanks or have a spray system to cover them. acid can be nasty stuff lol
I will try to make a spray sys. :))) This will be some spec. acid for zombies :))).

Only don't know how to make it.... to be operated manually by coDriver and gunner or to make some automatized sys. I don't make decision yet. What you guys think ?