WZA Contest: LSV-ZB


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LSV-ZB or Light Support Vehicle-Zombie Buster drop from production line few years ago and almost momentarily become popular amongst soldier of ZB army.

Despite of light crew protection, LSV is one of the most valuable anti zombie vehicle. Main power of LSV is in speed and agility. In some area, people call this vehicle a "BEE". 2-3 LSV-s with good trained crew,like swarm of bee, reign death amongst zombies.

Perfect for HIT and RUN missions, convoy support and patrol. High radius of movement.

There is only 4 main weapon combination: Medium or large machine gun, small missile launcher and flamethrower all mounted on top of cabin.

If flamethrower is mounted, additional cabin protection is required so flamethrower is not popular amongst LSV crews.
If Large machine gun mounted, which is very rare, mobility is reduced but than LSV can serve as artillery support for medium ranges with ability to quick change position. Additional stabilizer on both side of vehicle is required for such action. Armed on that way, LSV is good in combination with other 2-3-4 LSV-s with medium machine gun.

Additional blades and wire is mounted on front, side and back of vehicles

Crew: 3 man

1. Driver
2. CoDriver and gunner, grenade thrower
3. 3rd man is behind cabin standing in spec. designed GUNNER BOX and fire from mounted weapons on top of cabin. (In case if small missile launcher is mounted, 3rd man serve as support small machine gunner and grenade thrower. )


Very nice. And I like your little back-story that accompanies it!!

I strongly recommend searching for reference images of pipe/dune buggies/sand-rails to use to make this a stand-out ;)


Your chassis and wheels make me to enter the contest with a Super Seven against zombies ! Thanks for inspiration !

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I decide to join this contest despite fact that i am noob in modeling. I love Zombies !!! :))) and this is my motivation for this contest. I hope that i will be good contestant.

Thx Dr. Feelgood and Tom
Here is something new from me. Small update. Very small. I work very slow and now I don't have much free time for modeling :-(


!!! Z R E M B R O disc !!!


!!! braking with Z R E M B R O disc !!!

by Zrembro Inc - Give your life a better chance to see tomorrow


This is great exercise for me because, in this project, i'm not constrained by real shapes. My ideas is main references and yes.... i work very slow but you will see more blades, weapons and other BIG BUM BANG stuffs later :)