WZA Contest : IMT Tractor

New update. I add more stuffs inside (more to come) and continue to play with lights (pic No4). I put 2 omni lights and one skylight with low multiplier (i don't wont complete darkens. Later when i add roof and roof lights i will delete skylight )

EDIT: I make only rough shapes to get general look of shelter.
EDIT No2: Any suggestions about light and general look are wellcome.


New update. I think i finally have this glow effect on my red light. Its small but visible. I also add 2 white light and generally finish lightning this wall for now. Any comments are wellcome....


I'd put a texture of a light on there as well. It will add to the effect you're trying to achieve, instead of the glowing red pill you've got now.

Lookin' sharp!!
Yes its true Dr. but shape and texture is not important now. I will do some modeling to make better red light.I try to learn and setup lights best as i can. I need comment for glow, for light falloff, shadows. God or bad comments but comments :) How this new lights look comparing to previous render (post #162)
looks cool i like it , i wish i had time to work on the dozer but im doing work for a mod on two different game engines its taking up the bulk of my time exporting stuff from one game engine to another
Update. Need more works on small water flood (better texture and better shape) and some extra details will be added later. Also still work hard to light my scene best i know.....


The whole scene keeps getting better and better. The texturing job is really looking good. Keep it up that way.

When will we see a render of the vehicle within the scene ?