WZA Contest : IMT Tractor


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Lol, Im an electrician by trade and Ive seen some DIY electrical wiring in a house worse than that :p
I love the stickey tape holding the wires up though :p
Very good man. I just finished watching that episode of Top Gear where they're growing their own bio-fuel, and as soon as they wheeled out the tractors, I thought of your project!!

Nice one!!
Well this is just a start of my shelter. Red box represent a size of tractor. I made few puppets to have it like reference for size of objects around. Not much to see but i post this two renders and i will wait for your comments. Thank you.

EDIT..... red box need to be bigger :)


lookin pretty cool mate, though its a little simple looking, but textures should sort that out, and tell those lazy people to start working on stopping zombies :p
Hahhahaha crazy.... yes its just a simple objects..... This is 1st phase where i just put object to make general look and general position of stuff around. Well.... i need to watch on my poly count because i reach almost 5 mil with my tractor so scene can't go above 100.000 (this is top number according to my plan for scene)

@ greenvampire: THX MATE !!!