WZA Contest : IMT Tractor

very cool man, I don't understand the point in the arrows though? maybe have some lab equipment, as u r detaining zombies :p so the bipeds can study them, or well seem to study bcoz obv they're not real
I don't know Tom when i add Tractor to scene. I plan to work more on texture and modeling. I must say that scene from my previous post don't have any connection with my IMT zombie. The name of this scene is "Lost Time and Words 1244".
This scene is inspired by something that i don't wont to say because this is not theme for this site. I only post this scene here from technical point of view and for technical comments and critics. THX all
I must say that scene from my previous post don't have any connection with my IMT zombie
OK, you'd better to be clear about it. Because posting it in your WZA entry thread, and with a red box figuring the size of the tractor, made me think you were planning to use the scene as the background for your final submission to WZA. And I think I wasn't the only one.

What about opening another thread in WIP section for that non-WZA-related work ?
only picture from my post #178 don't have connection with my whole IMT project. Its different project. I post picture because i was hoping of some comments about lights in scene because i try to aquire better understanding of light in Max.

I'm sorry. I was not be clear when i post this picture and this made, i hope, only small confusion.
I try to acquire chrome can but rusted. On this spots where chrome still exists i add bump to get look that rust just start to kill this spots below chrome paint and rusted spots without chrome is already killed :)

So chrome still have some reflection but much less comparing with new can
this thing has a LOT of potential, right now its very WIP still but the areas you have worked on (ie blades and that can) that shows true potential to what this thing can be :)
Here is my new scene for tractor. Sorry guys.... i jump in to the 3 big jobs and my time is very thin so i must make another compromise and star another, less complex, scene for my IMT...

Just start, rough shapes and nothing more. Update coming soon....