WZA Contest: Ice Cream Truck - Zombi Ride

I say VERY NICE. I think totally different approach and style than other projects !!!

once again VERY NICE MAN !

EDIT: Big Foot Ice Cream Truck :)))


Welcome to SMCars as a poster and a contender. You've a really shiny entry, really different. Keep us updated, you're doing good job !
Thank you very much for your comments.
I have to make chassis to connect the body of the truck with the suspensions!
I have much more work to do and much more details to add. I hope I will have more time to spent on this project.

WOW!!! :eek: I love the detail level on this one! The only crit i can put is the tire thread....but still- the model is awsome...wish i had more time to enter the comp...maybe next time:)


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Nice entry you've got going. The wheelbase seems awefully short for an "Ice Cream Truck", but love the Monster Truck concept. Execution is looking great so far. Awaiting more updates.
Thank`s for comments dudes. I don`t have a time these days to work on model, but I will have more details on chassis and make logic connections with suspensions. I have a friend that is 4WD master, so he is my support for technical related questions. I hope I will have more time, to start modeling.

My idea is to make the scene for the final render, with some Zombie hands riped off, and few of them under mighty wheels. This contest is great modeling test for me, so I will hope I will pass it :)

Thanks one more time on your support.
Cheers, Denis
Hi guys,

Well I got a little time to keep working on this model. I was working on suspensions and chassis, now everything is connected. New tires are coming and maybe I will make engine with turbocharger. I will see about that, it`s all about free time.

I hope that tires will be finished soon!
Thanks, man! I am thinking about engine, but then I will have to fit it with transmission and to feet everything in this design. It will be bit hard, but I will try.
it looks nice man, though you gotta extend the wheelbase a bit, its way too short, and well the power which would be pumping through those wheels is gonna tip it over man....and the fact it looks out of proportion
Aren't the wheels way too far out on the hubs ?? I mean the wheels should be closer to the disc brakes and suspension... Looks like the hubs are really long to offset the wheels that far out from the disc brakes and suspension.

Looking cool with all the details

Yes, the discs are out from the wheel, but this is modified vehicle, it`s more like extreme 4x4 wheelers. So if you try to find the references on the internet, you will see that those kind of wheels have disk brakes out of the wheel and alloy just like on my model. I will shire make new bigger tires so that they are proportional to the suspensions.

Even if this model suspensions are fully functional and in real place, this is only modeling contest, so I don`t need to bother with those details. I am pretty sure that there is plenty problems like this on other models.