WZA Contest: "Gallardo Super-Splattera"


That's a really impressive beast. Great achievement here !

I agree about protecting the windows, they looks weak when compared to the rest of the car.
Well I've been hard at work the past day modeling on up my design for WZA, and I thought it's about time I post something.

First up though, I apologise to Masakari987 for butchering one of his dream rides :p... I'm doing a highly modified, mid-poly, Lamborghini Gallardo. Go practicality!!
lol that's alright. I aways thought the coupé looked a little too "tame" ;)
Anyway, your doing a nice job on the changes. It really looks like one brutal car.
Update - 20/01/2008

Another weekend gone by, another update... a small one, but still an update.

This weekend I spent modifiying the turret, adding ammo-feeds and ammo-crates for the extremely practical gattling-guns, and adding the most tedious part I find with modeling any car, the side-mirrors...ugh... 2 hours it took me... It took me 9 to model the damn car body itself!! :p

Hope yous like, and please leave any comments or questions you've got!! Thanks :)

Niray: Thanks man. No, no interior for this baby. Sorry to dissapoint, but I am hitting the poly-limit I set myself before I started.

Nik: Sorry, they already filed an order form for one, but you're welcome to steal it from them...

Tamas Feitscher: I have no idea what that means, but thanks :)

doom18: You can't say that... Exotics and Tuners are two totally different cars. Yours is still ookin' tops anyway!!

crazy 989: Hell no I'm not sick of it, and neither is my ego :grin:

Icekid84 & tom120934: Thanks chaps... Side protection is in-progress ;)

Masakari987: Coupe = Lame, Spider = *faints 'cos too awesome to comprehend*


looks wicked man, though side mirrors are wrong :p. well they are too high up thats all, but I guess that is to compromise for overseeing those tanks. But who needs mirrors when killing zombies anyways, I suggest making them the right height so it still looks super sexy ( erm... well, yea a super cool killing machine. :p)

PS I seen a sick as hell super black Gallardo this morning, its just you drive by it (or well it drives by me) and its just like OMFG ! such a cool car man )
Masakari987: Coupe = Lame, Spider = *faints 'cos too awesome to comprehend*
lol gotta agree there

It's looking fantastic. Like crazy 989 pointed out, the side view mirrors are too high, but maybe that is on purpose.

@ crazy 989 - I also saw a black Gallardo as well, once when I was driving to school. If may have been a coupe, but wow, it looked good in black.
Well after alot of hours modeling and listening to 80s music for zombie-killing motivation, I'm happy to say that the modeling side of the Super-Splattera is done :grin:

The flame-throwers are on, some minor fixes to the mesh have been done and I've added the camera scope to the 50 cal. And, of course, the side-mirrors have been shortenend ;)

Anyways, I'm gonna dissapear off the radar for a few weeks while I UVW Un-Wrap this baby, so I should be back with an update when it comes to texturing... unless I kill a group of people due to the induced insanity and homicidal tendancies that entail UVW Un-Wrapping :) Fingers crossed!!


hey man ... that's a lambo ... u cant do something liek that to a lamborghini if i would own lamborghini i would sue you'r A**
I think that president, CEO and all other stuff from top of Lamborghini will be very proud to see how look lambo in one top, ultra, extreme edition.

Long time, no update, I know... Unfortunately I have bad news with regards to this project. I've been contracted by my work to undertake the role of building cars for our projects, and therefore my time for the Super-Splattera has been cut... So much so, that I regret to say that this project will not make it to the cut-off date of the WZA Contest.

That's right, I'm retracting my entry.

I loved working on this project, and once this stuff for work is over, I'm gonna get straight back into it. Trust me, this baby'll be finished ;)

Looks like Veve's in the clear now 'cos I ain't on his tail anymore :p The best of luck to the rest of the contestants. You guys have been a part of one of SMC's most successful contests ever, and out of the entries I've seen so far, you should all be very proud!!