WZA Contest: "Gallardo Super-Splattera"

Update 06/01/2008

Here's the final update for the weekend. I go back to work tomorrow, so future updates won't be so often as usual.

Ahh, the wheels... Everyone's telling me about them, and everyone's got their different oppinions. I've made the wheels like so to balance the car design-wise. The vehicle has a massive bull-bar on the front, and in turn, something large (and wider) has to be at the rear. Of course, you've not seen the latest images yet which are attached. The wide wheels support the rear bull-bar. The car is now balanced properly, and now hopefully you can see why I've made the wheels like I have :)

The modeling side is almost done... Just one more major thing to add ;)



Well, the most important thing I think is that you can argument about your design. This makes your choices almost evident.

And as your technical execution is really nice, I just have nothing to critic, except the lowering of the car that is maybe too extreme : the front wheel is really close to the fender.
THis is really great, when I saw Gallardo Super Splattera I thought damn your going to be in trouble with that gas guzzler engine depletes its small supply of gas. But I guess ( without reading the thread, Yeah I'm lazy) I guess that tank is a backup supply of petro?
Update 12/01/2008

Firstly, I apologise for the lateness of this WIP update. As I mentioned in the last update, I started back at work this week so I've barely racked up any hours working on the Gallardo during the week. However, after a good Saturday's work, here's what I've finished up the night with...

I've added some minor things (started flame-throwers, added sharpened girders), worked on a few fixes, and started on the last major 'feature' of my entry, the turret system. Twin-linked chain-guns and a Barret 50. cal should even up the horse-power to fire-power ratio, huh? ;)

Tomorrow night I should almost be finished them modeling side of things, so I'll post a full update complete with wires and front, back & sides views, ect...

Hope yous like!!

crazy 989: Who needs to look back when the fun stuff happens in front??

Nik: Of course not, that's just dumb... When it drives up to water though, it parts like in the Bible ;)

Icekid84: Yep, containing the petrol syphoned out of the tanks of everyone else's entry to this contest :)


Lol, this thing at the rear looks just sick.:eek: Dont want to know how much this all weight.:grin: But I think you need some defence at the sides, all your weapons are useless if the zombies attack the sides of your lambo.:eek:
love them gatlin guns. they gonna need a pretty serious mount as the they generate massive recoil. so much that even arny couldnt hold and fire a 5.62mm version them look like the 20mm a-10 version. talk about fire power lol. 4000 rpm on low 6000 on high lol. the cars looj awesome though.
Update 13/01/2008

Here's the last update for the weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped...

I fixed a few things with the mesh and started on the turret's mount, which I stress now is NOT complete and needs more work to make it look like it can support all that very sexy firepower ;)

I have rendered off front, back and side views to show how I used the car's design lines to come up with the ideas that I've incorporated into my entry. I also have rendered off wires for the technical gurus.

The way I've modeled this is like I model things at work for baking; everything remains one complete mesh/element wherever possible, so you guessed it, apart from the glass on the lights and the stuff that moves, all 17k polys are just ONE element.

So that's it for the weekend. I won't have anything else to show until next, so as usual, let me know what you think and post any comments or questions you've got!!


Now that thing looks heavy!
Any interior? It would be cool to have bunch of fancy buttons for all those appliances =)

Awesome low-poly skills, great modeling!
lol definitly one of the more expensive Zombie cars. Though I hope that when you are going superfast and the wheels are boucing over bumps those rear duallys dont pop off or even worse screw up the wheels and leave you stranded untill your ammo runs out. Not to mention need some protection on that glass ;)