WZA Contest: "Gallardo Super-Splattera"

Well I've been hard at work the past day modeling on up my design for WZA, and I thought it's about time I post something.

First up though, I apologise to Masakari987 for butchering one of his dream rides :p... I'm doing a highly modified, mid-poly, Lamborghini Gallardo. Go practicality!!

So far, I have almost completed the front bull-bar...

It's Features So Far:

- Automated Hammer inverted AA12 shot-guns (YouTube - USAS-12 shotgun).

- Dual circular-saws, for tenderising after pulverizing with the shotguns :grin:

There's plenty more to come, so I'm gonna get back to it. I'll keep you posted!!


Oh god,this really is rape....but unexpected so rock on! cant wait to see how the turns out.

LMAO somebody commented on that shotgun video

"best zombie defense money can buy"
now why wasnt that shotgun in cod 4 lol, Im guessing you are going to raise the ride height perhaps, looks sick already man, very defensive :p


Just remove any exhaust line within the car. The unleashed screaming V10 should be enough to commit any zombie cell to explode, and by the way killing the zombie instantly ;)
Thanks for the comments chaps!!

tom120934: Just wait and see what I have planned for the exhausts ;)

crazy 989: She's gonna be riding low, so no corpses get underneath... Do you know how hard it is to get human limbs out from underneath a car?!

Catlin: It's not rape, it's suprise sex...


Update time... which is 1:45am 8o

Anyways, started the body of my Super-Splattera. I've attached two renders here; one being my design with everything, and the other just showing the body of the car.

The inverted fog-lights on the Gallardo have been an idea of mine for years, and I've waited ages to see it in 3D to see if it would work, because I'd get custom ones made in real-life if I was lucky enough to own a Gallardo. I'm quite happy with the result :)

Don't forget, things like the mesh in the grill will be in the texture ;) Let me know what you think!!



it's like a car crash, i keep looking even though it's really a massacre. :p for the purposes of this contest, it's a cool car; in real life, you're committing a crime. keep it up

Usually i would be pleased to be infront of a lambo. this one..... i;m not too sure about, haha.

Nice ideas man, keep it up, can't wait too see more.
Update 04/01/2008

Update No. 3...

Quite a lot done since yesterday... 95% of the body in-fact. I know what you're thinking, and I know that you're envious of how much free time and lack of life I have away from my computer ;)

Just perusing my renders and I've noticed a few places where there could be more polies, eg: the roof, so I'll be fixing them the rest of tonight.

As always, let me know what you think!!


The Supersplattera is looking very aggressive. I think that the rear pair-wheels are really wild looking...
You might try to put them one after another - but you´d need to change the whole body mesh then.
I have seen a Porsche 928 with six-wheel setup like that.

I like the wheels though.

Also, I´m sorry that I selected a beefed up supercar too. But I think we will have very different outcomes - well atleast it fits to the legendary battle between Ferrari and Lamborghini. =)


I agree with JaZu and Johnas, the wheels are overkill. A 6x6 Lambo is really a nice idea, and can be simple to achieve. What do you think about JaZu idea ?