WZA Contest: "Freedom"

We have a winner for the contest. Congratulations.
I agree but this is not reason for rest of as to give up (if someone think to do this). Still we have a plenty of time and i'm sure that we can see more masterpieces !!!

Congratulations VeVe !!!

PS: Still... this wall is pain in my eyes.

BRAVO MAJSTORE !!! :)))) hahahahhah rasturio si !!!

...I...I... I really want to beat you in this contest, but I'm afraid I just don't have the skills to match!! I'm gonna teach myself VRay and try and get as close as I can to you...

Simply amazing VeVe!!


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@ Crazy 989
Thank you... and rain is particle/ spray/ motion blur...
Thank you man.....
if you say so..... :)
Thank you, and there is no more pain for you....
@Dr. Feelgood
I`m believe that you will learn fast....

and little update...
Ma trebao si samo malo da zarotiras u desno sliku ili da izdvojis taj zid pa samo njega da zarotiras. Samo mu perspektiva nije bila malkicko dobra a meni to smeta jer ja radim te poslove obrade, montaze itd itd.

U svakom slucaju SUPER JE DRUZE !!! Stvarno si rasturio bez obzira sto smo svi shvatili da ko zna koliko se godina druzis sa Max-om.

PS: Meni je naj naj varijanta bila sa onom prvom kucom, bez kise.
I agree but this is not reason for rest of as to give up
I agree with you, of course. I've not given up for my Seven as of now (I just lack of time) I hope the other contenders will not give up as well. No shame to be second I think when the Gold Medal is so good.

Veve, the last picture suffers a little issue : the main gun on the roof : the tip of the gun is unblurred, while the cannon is (just after the scratch you added on the render) Another issue is IMHO the texture of the left tree : the color doesn't match the rest of the scene, and it looks like not being precise enough to suit the whole scene.

Keep us updated, I'm really impressed.


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hm, I`m use a Depth of Field so everything is correct blurred, camera target is on truck cabin,...
and tree color is already corrected :) ....
Thank you for comments....
"Bam !" was the noise of my jaw when it touched the floor... Excellent render, I have nothing to critic. The outdoor renders are way better than the indoor one you've shown before.

Keep us amazed !