WZA Contest: "Freedom"

looks wicked, btw reminds me of like the batmobile cave thing, for the deployment of it - maybe you coulddo something like that, a trap door or something to the outside


I agree with *RedStar*. You did an excellent job, and you should fix that issue. Maybe if you add a floor texture, so we can see the wheels hiding some details. That way the impression of the wheels lying on ground will be better.


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:) hey, that is only a test render.... there is a much to be done.... but I`m now in some interior project for some commercial. I`m must make animation of 3 minuets

:) I will continue "Freedom" when I finish this:


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Hi Everybody...

I`m working on my animation project but I`m found a little time for "Freedom"....

This is just a start....

best regards
f**k me sideways... thats awsome!
I think its fair to say this will win!

i love the render, the truck looks good washed out imo...

I'm going to pick your brains on render settings in the near future ;)
Very nice mate !!! I only have one small critic. Wall on left side.... if you look on spot/line where wall hit ground.... maybe just a small rotation on right in Photoshop and that all but thats almost nothing.... comparing with general look,skill and setup .... FANTASTIC !!! I think, FOR NOW, that we have a winner (my opinion)