WZA Contest: "Freedom"


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:) Hi everybody....

I`m start on project 15 days ago, but I`m have a much private work soo this is it for now....

I`m imagine that I will be much safer in large and strong vehicle witch I can find somewhere around (in some military area) and make some changing on it.... so...this is my start...

best regards
Nice truck. Now we have real arsenal of different vehicles Vs. zombies.

I have only one complaint. Tires is to narrow mate. Spec rear tires. My opinion.


Welcome here, I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Your quality work makes you already a stiff contender. Try to be original in the equipment as your base vehicle choice is.

Keep us updated !


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:) thanks to all

Here is update.... I`m very busy with some other work...

but I found a little time to work on my "freedom"
This thing is a real juggernaut. I see this thing as like a future where zombies have taken over and society as a whole has had to adapt to them so specialized vehicles were created for just this task. Atleast thats the backstory I see when I see your model.

Great work anyhow. I hope you put a really detailed undercarriage on this, thats where the details lie in vehicles like this.


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:) thanks again, Icekid84 you got a picture.... I`m done a real deep study about zombie. :)

@ Dr. feelgood
:) Thanks, I`m doing my best....

and little update....



For sure the larger vehicle so far in the contest. Maybe not the heaviest (because of the bulldozer)

It's looking damn good : modeling job is clean and full of details. I'm really looking forward to see it rendered with some good shaders on it.


I like it more and more !

The seals on the door are really impressive. With these you're sure no zombie will enter if not allowed.

About the grills on the wheels, maybe you should make them going lower, to protect more efficiently the wheel.

You're doing really great, keep us updated !
Def. I agree with Nik and Tom and...

EDIT: Tom grills can't go lower because rotating blades on rims will hit grills.

EDIT No2 : Ah Prykie already notice this :)


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Great work, Love the details, I dont think he will be able to move the wire mesh down any lower than they are other wise the blades that stick of from the wheels would cut the mesh to pieces.