WZA Contest - Finished Entries Thread

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This is it guys!! The WZA Contest Finished Entries Thread. Please post your 2 finished renders of both the front, and the back of your ride, here... Also, any other renders (i.e, 'action-shots') that you think show off your model even more. These aren't compulsory, but are encouraged.

Please, no comments. This thread is soley for competitors' entries.

This thread will be closed on Monday, the 31st of March at 10am GMT, and then one week of voting, as the Winners will be announced in the following Weekly Write-Up.

Good luck to all!!


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Hi again.... :)

Here you can see my finished renders of Freedom truck. Front and back side...

best regards to all...


I'm completely short of time to produce final renders but I don't want to let the contest be closed without posting my entry. So I post what I've got so far in terms of renders.

Thanks to all contenders, it was a really fun contest ! Good luck to everyone for the final vote.


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