WZA contest dozer

ive checked the scale and thats correct the d9 isnt a massively large machine it only 4 metre tall and the player is 1.65 tall. i wanted a dozer that could still manouver in city streets ans allys.


It looks really good. Nice to see some update on this little monster.

About the size of it, I think it doesn't look impressive because of the point of view. Take a render from a Z=1.7m camera (that is, about the average height of human eye) to reveal how massive it is.


Thanks for the render.

Am I dumb or is your camera rather distant from the dozer ? I think there is not so much perspective on it. If I'm right, you may consider using a closer point of view.

Also, you should add a ground plane, with some grid texture (or whatever you want) to show the perspective.
naw you not dumb its my lack of knowledge with the rendering. any closer and i cat even fit the thing in the render lol. im still reading some tutorials on how to get better renders.
i took toms advice added a ground plane moved the camera closer and played with camera settings till it looked right . i must of been sleeping lol. pretty easy to fool with the lenses and fov to get it looking right. lol anyways thanks for the advice tom . i may say alot but i do try to listen to advice, might not always understand it right away