WZA contest dozer

well ive been playing with a few different ideas for renderin here the best ive gotten far still along ways to go its just the base colors so far.

i know the lighting still needs work but im a noob at mental ray and vray lol
the player model is just to get an idea of the size of this machine . was just to check the scale of things.
the d9 isnt a massive oversived monster like a d10 the d9 is like 4 metre tall a tad over 8 long with blade and rear ripper and 4.5 wide at the blade. the player model is 2 metre tall . yea the tracks took a bit to texture still tweakin them but it stating to come together. im still adding details and new ideas and playing with textures in between.and thanks for the compliment im still pretty new to this 3d max stuff but learning bit by bit.


Nice to see the start of the material job.

As the man is pretty tall, you should put another guy with a more standard size, just to make sure one understand correctly the scale.

Keep it up !
I like the modelling tho i when i saw what You're going for on the start i was thinking more about something slow (dozers ain't racers) but heavily armored....anyways...keep up the good work:)
firstly them racers gonna need asphalt. and well city streets are gonna be littered with vehicles and debris. lets see a racer go off road or have the power to clear the road.as i said earlier my idea is the dozer spearheads the group clearing the roads and giving the faster vehicles a road to travel on.it will be slightly modded in the engine as well. propane injection for one for better performance and power as well as a twin tubro in series should push the 410 hp to close to 525hp. we use the twin turbos on generators to get 500 hp outta 400 hp engines. should be able to get 15-18 mph outa that dozer while not fast but very effective. fighting zombies i want dont want to take any risks. i saw the resident evil where the crows where attacking so i want something that a can close up and ride out any trouble. syle and speed arent of any use to me fighting zombies. im doing the vehicle from a realistic attitude with current existing technology. im almost wishing i had gone with my second choice of vehicle lol
Excellent work, these contest vehicles are really starting to come together. Have you already decided what you are going to have the original color be? Now if I were doing this machine Id make mine look like the original catepillar yellow color but heavily aged with wear and scratches , maybe some rust and custom parts. But thats just me :)
well just to let ppl know im still working on it but very busy with several vehicles and tanks for our mods release. i was just promoted to lead modellor on the mod so now the pressure is on lol.


Congratulations for the promotion. Keep us updated and don't forget to post your other work here if you need some feedback (either as WIP or as finished work)
well most of what we use in the mod is low poly 4000-6000 poly normally. 8000 poly max. all ww2 vehicles. mostly truck . tanks and armor vehicles. but ill post a few when they alittle further along
i doubt im gonna have time to actually finish the dozer , and i cant even begin to match the renders and textures im seeing. i'll see how my time looks in a couple weeks but i can see my texture and rendering skills are grossly inadequate, the dozer itself with blade and ripper will going into a crysis mod . ill try to read some tuts and see if there some tutorials on renderin . my current renderin skills and texture skills i dont have a chance here lol. but we will see.


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i wouldnt give up with it, im sure people here can offer advise for you!

what program are you using, im sure we can dig out some tutorials for you about rendering!
Hey cari...... what i to say. I start using Max 2 months ago. I still have some problems with modeling technique... not to mention my knowledge of rendering and texturing but i will finish this. If need i will just put simple texture but i will finish. SO KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK and congratulations for the promotion mate. My only problem is bugged mental ray render :)))
i use 3d max 8 . ive been pretty much modelling buildings and armor/ weapons for fps mods in bf2, ut2004 and now ut3 and crysis. that doesnt need and fancy renders or the like and all the textures are done in photoshop or gimp after the model been unwrapped. ive read a few tutorials on rendering and textures but im still kinda lost lol. a couple friends suggested vray but that looks even more complicated lol.any help would be appreciated.as a side note the promotion has meant my workload in the mod just tripled lol


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im not overly familiar with max, ive used it for modeling, but never for impressive renders, (I use maya),
however, the UV maping and texturing is pretty straight forward, just use the uv unwrap.
I'm not sure how you export the unwraped UV's as a jpg (to import to photoshop etc) in max, but I know it can be done..

im probably not the best person to help, but theres lots of max users here who can guide you,

just stick at it, still another month or so yet :)
Well.... try with blend type materials. I play little bit with this type of materials and here is recipe:

In 1st slot put texture you wont to see on your model.

2nd slot: put blood (diffuse) texture or any text. you wont to mix with your main text. in 1st slot. Also put some bump texture if you wont bumps.

3rd slot: Put noise or smoke type material to get better mix of 1st two texture and also to cover so call repeat effect of textures.

To make texture less repeatable or non repeatable make seamless texture in photoshop with help of offset filter.

If you wont to make different materials on same object use MATERIAL ID option in rollout panel or simple detach polys from main object and make new object from them.

If you use MATERIAL ID option for your texturing just select polygon/s and scroll down on your rollout panel and in SET ID box type number you wont. This selected polys now have that # of MATERIAL ID. In MATERIAL EDITOR, for map type.... use Multi/Sub Object map.

EDIT: Of course you can play with different materials (not just diffuse and bumps) in 1st two slots in BLEND
Well.... next UVW unwarp....

Select object, convert object to EDITABLE POLY, add UVW unwarp..... select FACES under UVW unwarp modifier and select poly/s on your object you wont to unwarp. Than click on EDIT button in your UVW unwarp rollout panel. New window will pop up. From mapping drop down menu select flatten mapping. You will see edges of faces you selected. Than go to TOOLS drop down menu and use last option... Render UVW template. New pop up screen will appear. Set option you wish and and push RENDER UVW TEMPLATE. You will see render window with edges of your selected face/s. Click on little flopy disc icon and save on hard disc. Load in Photoshop and draw.

Hope you understand my bad english mate
the unwrap is the easy part i do that all the time . but when you got some major polys is very time consuming. i dont use photoshop very much most every mod has ppl that just texture. it way to time consuming to model, then unwrap and then texture it. the modellor makes it and unwraps it then the 2d artist textures it. i can create the max materials thats not a problem its the blending and placing of them then the lighting in the render scene where i get lost lol.heres an example of my work i modelled and unwrapped it and the 2d artist textured it . it very low poly 3873 poly to be exact.

ill check a few tutorials and see what i can learn.being that this is for bf2 the poly count is low