WZA contest dozer

im basing my entry on real world wxisting technology. im assuming that during a zombie invasion ammunition etc will be rather scarce so the 50 cal browning being a popular weap it should fairly easy to comeby. the sides will have xm 134 mini guns firing 5.62 mm ammo which is a nato standard and therefore should be easy to find as well.last thing you want is to run outta ammo and not be able to find any lol. i thought about the m3m which fired 1000 rpm but decided on the proven reliable browning.
lol this vehicle definitly looks secure thats for sure. Put a stereo in it and some food and it would be like a sunday drive for the driver. My only complaint is well when zombies have attacked an area its usually chaotic so a good representation to what I'm thinking is like the end of Resident Evil movie in Racoon City. Police cars, news vans and regular cars scattered in no particular placement. So where I'm thinking this thing is going to run into problems is the part about maneuvering through the havoc of cars. True this thing does have the power to push through but it still feels like it would be a pain with that zombie cruncher on the front.
you see the piece on the front when completed can double as a push blade the doors are gonna be set so they can close to form a vee shape for clearing streets or swing open to be a zombie mill. the rear weapon will also be death for zombies not to mention the two side mounted mini guns im currently modellin each capable of 2000 rounds per minute of 5.62 mm ammo. add to that the passenger operated 50 cal browning i dont think its gonna have much of a problem. ive seen the resident evil and well this dozer does exist and works well in iraq and isreal if you cant move the vehicles lift the front attachment and go over. its basically an assault weapon and would be backed up by smaller faster vehicles. the dozer would basically spearhead the attack opening the road and clearing a path for the fast attack vehicles.


I agree with your vision of a fleet caribcanuk. I think I already spoke about that formation with lightweight cars (there's mine and at least 2 others in the contest) and your monster.
ok small update started to detail the dozer a bit and modelled the mini gun just need the base for it now

should have them mini guns mounted on the dozer soon
its gonna be fun to texture only saving grace is that alot of its basically olive drab with blood and wear added. the weapons are probaly gonna take a while as well.i still have to add the rear defense yet.
im starting to think i should of picked a simpler vehicle this is gonna be a nightmare to texture and i have to either learn how mental ray or vray works lol. oh well on the brightside still plenty of time to learn it lol
sorry i havent had any updates for a couple days been busy on a couple other projects as well as studying vray and mental ray trying to get a handle on the materials and rendering got the materials figured out now its just the lightning left lol.


To be clear, pikrokola is French, like me : terrible is a compliment in french. Remember he's using automated translation.

By the way, this one is coming really nicely. It looks really powerful.
im a canadian so i understood, im currently living in the caribbean where ive had to learn spanish as well. lol. the dozer is progressing ive just been focusing on the renderin aspect as i need to leran it for a couple other projects as well.