WZA contest dozer

havent decided on a name yet for this beast but im doing a armored dozer with a few extreme modifications. im still kinda new at this modellin stuff but what the heck why not give it a shot. i mostly model vehicles for bf2, ut and now crysis. so its most likely gonna be low to mid range poly. anyways here what i managed to get done so far its not much but a start lol

the polys are around 14000 so far higher than im used to . that cause each section of track is seperate with pin included. here the wire nothing fancy though



Nice start, I really like the level of details.

Can you post a side view of the track ? The front upper curve looks a bit wavy where it should be a simple curve.
yea that upper track had a raised area ive fixed that now, been working on the prototype front weapon and main body a bit.ill post some renders when its a tad more refined.
my last for today fixed the bull gear and planetary drive hub and added a few details

i know i probaly should of picked a car but im better at modelling this kinda vehicle. still fairly new to 3d max
its the front mounted equipment that gonna be its ace card and well the rear will do its share as well with any luck ill have a render of the front equipment tomorrow. im more use to model for games not use to being able to go nuts on a model lol


If there will be a prize for the most secure vehicle, it looks like you'll be in top 3. Nice model of a really good vehicle choice.
thaks for the replies, this vehicle is gonna be a pure assault vehicle . its gonna take the fight to the zombies head on . its sole purpose is to destroy zombies . im still refining the main weapon. i have a couples idea's for it just havent decided which to go with.
ive been busy today on other projects but did get some time to looks at the dozer. im thinking my main weapon if it could be called that maybe over kill. still alot of details to add. still need cylinders on the 4 barrel ripper and the custom rear weapon. the main front weapon is basically designed to ensure the zombies are no more lol. any feedback would be appreciated i may vave went a tad over board lol.

anyhow there she be still along ways to go, still working on a name for this beast just figured i would add the idea behind this vehicle is to take the fight to them. i dont want to be playing defense, the vehicle will be hopefully so secure that you can focus purely on offense and take the fight to them.
thats the general idea, the side wings can fold back for narrow places and unfold for wider areas. general idea is just chase them down lol. gonna have a couple side mounted mg's and the 50 cal on the cupola i have plans for the rear, just havent decided exactly what i want
thanks for the replies, ya my friends say im kinda demented when it comes to weapons lol. i just taking some ideas from my days on the farm and tossing in a few from my army days with some from my current career as a equipment operator lol. its my first contest so im having fun with it. if you liked the front weapon the rear should be equally as devasting i have two designs im working on. still gotta alot of work in cyliners and hydraulic hoses the texturing gonna be my biggest task. im reading a bunch of tutorials on it trying to get a better idea of what in up against lol


I agree with previous comments, it's the most original idea we've seen so far for the contest, IMHO. Keep us updated and please post closer shots !
you can put same type of.... hmmm what is this.... some sort of chamber but with moving walls so when zombies enter inside, walls start to closing each other and SQUAAAAAASH !!!