WZA Contest: "BoneCrusher"

Hi all. This is the first time I enter a contest, so im pretty excited right now:) Well the car Ive choosed to make into a killermachine is an DeLorean DMC. Im aiming for something like on the first pic, but Im not sure wether Im going for the monstertruck look or just a "regular" DeLorean. Well you guys tell wich I should pick. Anyway here is what Ive come up with so far:

Seems like a pretty good start, so keep on.
I you´d aks me, go for the monstertruck version, just imagine of overdriving Zombies with a monstertruck ......


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First of all...I love the DeLorean,one of my absolute favorite cars.
But please don't do a monstertruck.I don't think that Zombies are 12 feet(3.65m)tall.
It would be more fun to hit them,they fly over the hood and the they will get cut in pieces by swords that are mounted like fins on the back and over the rear section.
That's the most awesome DeLorean I've even seen!! I too love DeLoreans, so this is deffinately going to keep me interested :grin:

Good job!!
That looks great...really nicely spread out creases and details...

You should add a plow at the front for pushing through hordes of zombies. Like a Hummer.
Sexy looking.. if you can call a zombie killing Delorean that, looks great, very detailed as far as the car goes, and the saws on the hood area nice touch.
Thx guys, I appreciate it:grin:

About that flamethrower, if you havn´t noticed, the place where the gascable goes Ive mounted one. It isnt quite finnish yet, but what you can see now is the pipe where the flame bursts out form.

Well here is an update in 1600x942:

Back to the future !!! :) I love this movie. I love this car. Nice car choice and nice work m8. Wow.... maybe someone can model some underground parking place for all this cars we make :)))

Ive made some few tweaks on the front bumper, and added some more details to the body af the car. im not quite satisfied with the tires yet. Too much sportscar over them. Tell me what you think:)