WZA Contest: "Autosaur"


aka chosenlv
Big THNX Dr. Feelgood for renaming my thread :)

This is my last render for today! :)

I continue creating my scene for "Saur" . This is hiding garage in desert.

bb, Rsenal!



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Absolutely nice man , that's simply it , maybe you should consider putting it in a more dangerous situation , i see that you're almost done with it and you still have over 2.5 month , maybe model a zombie or something ;)


aka chosenlv
hm nice idea! ;) maybe zombies attacked and my character stacked with car in hiding place! I think about to draw a sketch :) to show what I think with my idea! :d


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Hey, this is my first post...the buggy looks like its comming on really well ;)

I think i agree with nitro about having a zombie and perhaps repeat the same zombie in photoshop or something, to make it look like an army of them ><

Then have the buggy at front maybe?

If you need help making it, wouldnt take me long to photoshop... my 3ds skills arnt as good tho ;(.

Keep up the good work lol,



aka chosenlv
Thanks! ;) what do you mean repeat same zombie in photoshop!? Do you mean texture for it! I think to create a low poly model of zombie, bout 2.5K polies, then create a texture! Zombies will be in the back in my scene!


aka chosenlv
Thanks no update this time, sorry! But I have one question! Where I can find refs of human male body! i need only front and side!

Cheers, Chosen! :)
You'll need to search for human anatomy, and use the pictures of muscle groups as guides for poly-flow. This allows for optimal movement when it comes time to rigging and posing your character ;)