WZA Contest: "Autosaur"


aka chosenlv
Hi I want to join this contest! Sorry but I will put pictures later! My idea is create small baja buggy with some scary weapons! :)


aka chosenlv
Hm! Here you are! There are my renders! :) when finished with exterior and wheels I will star thinking about weapons.

My idea of weapons:

Armor with thorns
And grill guard

:) That's all for now!



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Looks cool.Is that the marble material from 3dsmax ? It needs to be improved if you are going to give it a military-vehicle look alike texture.


aka chosenlv
No it's plastic material! Why do you think this is marble, is it looks like it! I think about matted camo car paint!

Btw last update for today!


Haha, man that is rad-looking. Reminds me alot of the VW-beetle in "Carmageddon"... I believe it was driven by "Stig o´sore"

The suspension parts look especially good... but if that is supposed to be an engine in the back... I think it might need some more detail? Just a suggestion though.

I think that with good textures this will look really menacing. =)


aka chosenlv
JaZu I like this game! :) I remember Stig O'Sore ;) and his beetle! with horns like stegosaur has! I change name to "autosaur"

Guys I work on laptop and my video card is not so fast! That's why i put engine into box ... but on the other side this box protect engine from zombies! :)

Oh and about susp . thanx JaZu ;)

2 Silent][Moebius: My freaky driver don't put them off! :D he drive with zombies on the spikes :) BTW what is your opinion about front weapon! because saw is not a good idea! I have one idea about front! Maybe I can put stegosaur's head to the front! ;) how do you think guys? Is it good idea!?

And last update! ;)


Wow!! I must've missed you last post sorry :eek:

This is looking fantastic!! Not sure about safety features, but who needs safety features when you're driving something that looks TAHT cool :grin:

P.S Would you like me to change your thread's title to "Autosaur"?


aka chosenlv
What do you mean by safety features! You mean seat belts!? I'm completely forget about it! :) In next update you will see seat belts too! ;)

Yes, sure you can! This title is better for me than "Zombienator"