Work In Progress Toyota KE-35 Hardtop Coupe


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The Watanabes look much better:D Maybee raise the height of the arch on the rear fender a bit so it's like the front

Also, adding a chin spoiler and some sideskirts would go well with the overfenders, but it's really up to taste;)


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I dunno - headlights look too big - its all a bit too squishy at the front :/
I think the wheels need to protrude out more, maybe with a little camber.
I do like it a lot tho - keep it up :D
badass KE35... hahaha... like you said... a matter of taste and style...

lowered, added with vitaloni GT fender mirror.. with extreme lip and ductail.., Rollcage, bucket seat and a recaro lx...