Work In Progress Toyota KE-35 Hardtop Coupe

arrghhh.. searched all over the web.. but found nothing of the ke35 blueprint...
so.. I tried to make it.. combined from several images...

And now I tried to model the KE-35 from limited reference..


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Its looking pretty cool, but you might want to try and get away from using tris in your mesh, they will create lots bumps
wow okey... thanks for the input....Prykie...

just adding progress... try to match the real thing.. hahaha...


well not bad.. for from limited references..


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It's nice to see that you went ahead with this, The KE35 is certainly a sexy vehicle. From what i can see, you have a few accuracy issues. Note how the rear of your model differes from the picture of the green KE35, at the moment the rear end just doesn't look right. Also the taillights are a little narrow. I would also square off the reat grile a bit too. It seems you have a number of references aswell, so studying them will help you to notice any inaccuracies. Also, make sure to note the creases that run round the side of the car and the arches, it's adding details like this, plus accuracy that give a good looking model.

Anyways, keep up the good work, Interesting cars like this make a good project :D:D