With new Admin comes new Mods


To go along with our new theme of actually showing change around here, we have decided to add more mods. Yeah I hope we don’t hurt ourselves either, I mean new design, new admin and now new Mods... we are going to kill ourselves.. Any who.. About the mods

For the mods we chose some very well respected members. In fact a few of them were only just bumped to VIP and now another promotion to Mod. There are many of you who could have been very good mods. We took a vote and made a list and voted on it in our secret admin/mod hideout. After much debate we came up with

- Dr. Feelgood
- multimediaman
- skb875
- The IC

Thats it :)

BTW : More changes are coming, so stay tuned
Giggety... Now you shall all soon feel my impending wraith!! Bwahahahahaha...*coughs*

Glad to be on board and be a part in such a fantastic forum!! I think we should all be very proud of what we've got here, not just us new Mods, but everyone :)


Traffic Car Connoisseur
I'm glad to be part of the team here. Always have been proud to be here, at one of the most helpful 3d communities I could've imagined. And now this honour. Thanks to everyone.

The IC

uses too many smileys
i promise only to use my new powers for evil...or was that supposed to be good...no, no, im pretty sure its evil...:p

thanks for choosing me, glad that ill be able to help this wonderful forum