WIP La Ferrari


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Its not a curved environmental reflection, its the old plane on top emitting light for reflection trick. Its actually a very straight line, its the car that makes the curve, and yes, you can do that on keyshot.

Oscar J

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The renders, especially the latter one, are pretty good. However, the car looks rather unsexy from these angles.

The wheels look strange in the first render, as if they're wobbling, and you don't need to add motion blur to the car itself, since the camera is following it.

Keep it up!


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Hi Ed
Great progresses on the rendering side i see. Just a couple of things:
I really like the first render, i think thou the blur should be scaled the more the eye goes toward the horizon. I mean, the more u go far, the less u should blur the env. The focal point too isn't perfectly aligned. Anyway, great work, i love it .
About the second one, a common problem of Keyshot is the lack of good shadows on the ground. The rims' material too looks matte.
I like both of them by the way, keep on experimenting :)
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