When Zombies Attack!!

The IC

uses too many smileys
to all you zombie butchering fanatics, this nice texture website has lots and lots of different splatter textures you could use to make those gory blood stains with :grin:

[CG Textures] - The worlds largest free texture site

it also has lots of other good textures too

theyre all royalty free and cost nothing, the only limit is you can only download 15mb every 24 hours (which is quite generous as far as im concerned)

i was thinking about entering this contest with a heavily modified Tunguska AAA tank, but i have too much to do right now :(
is there still time to join

ill be doing something like this jeepney, it can only be found in philippines and very unique coz theyre handmade except the engines are surplus isuzu c4 or c30 engines from japan. wish we have blueprints of these!

ill call it JAZ (jeepneys against zombies) :roll:


After all these cool ideas i couldn't stay behind. If i find time count me in with the camaro 68:D I don't know what kind of modifications i'm gonna use yet but i'm letting me get inspired by all your cars:grin: