When Zombies Attack!!


What about merging all our vehicles in a great large scene when the contest will be over ? The SMC anti-zombie convoy !

There will be a few issues to cover :
- Who will gather the models ? I think that most people wanting to join the scene won't allow their model to be spread widely.
- Rendering power needs. As a starting point, I have access to a dual Xeon (8 cores, 2.66GHz) with 8 Go of RAM, running Windows 2003. A cluster / rendering farm may be a good idea, but I don't have one by my side.
- A common software to gather the scene. Blender can be a good idea, and it will be the only software available on my proposed computer.
- Fleet disposition and environment : I'm pretty sure all of us can agree on a given repartition of the convoy. For the scene, something simple will be enough.
- Shaders / renderer : at least a large clay render, as a proof of concept. It will be a PITA to convert all the shaders to a single renderer.

Anyways, if we take care of such issues, we can come up with an astonishing picture to promote SMC.

So, what do you think people ?
Hmmmm ... this sounds like a ton of fun.

Count me in...

My vehicle will be the ZomBlow 9000.

Some ideas, but still working out the final details



To supply me with your model, a .blend or a .3ds file will be fine.

But before to proceed, please note that I proposed myself to gather models and create the whole scene, but with a serious constraint as I only have Blender as available software.

I think we should wait for several opinions : a fleet with 2 or 3 vehicles will not be what I've in mind. If anyone else want to do the gathering job without the constraint I bring, no problem for me of course ;)

So let's see how many contenders will agree on the idea !
Hm... well I was thinking about that if we make a "compilation" convoy, not a compiled max-scene.
What do I mean? We make one, simple scene, which has a fixed lighting, a fixed camera angle. Also the positions of the models should be fixed already.
Then, distribute this scene to everybody, and everybody will render their models seperately, each will put their model in their numbered position.

Then, either render against a blank background with alpha, or manually cut the image of their car from the render.

Then, one of us compiles ALL the seperately rendered and cut images into one background in photoshop etc.

The positions in the convoy could be ordered by your position in the contest.

Just a thought.


I think it's a good idea. Some advantages (e.g. : simple than requiring anyone to share the model) and some drawbacks : as there is more than one renderer used by the contenders, the look of the models will greatly differ : scene lighting will be different. Also, it will prevent to get shadows casted by one vehicle onto another.

But as I'm really low skilled in 2D graphics, maybe others can come up with solutions.

About the positions in the convoy ordered by the result of the contest, it's really nice but I've thought we should get inspired by naval fleets : bigger vehicles at the center, lighter ones on the front / side / rear to escort them.

Just a thought, too ;)
but there will be a problem if we make the fina lrender with layers ... there wont be any reflections between cars and car parts and that would look very unrealistic IMO

L.E. maybe if i'll finis it untile then i could send my mech to for the rendering :) ... i think it would look good along with the cars :D
I've just noticed I'm not in the list.
Hummer H2 SUT - "ZMB Punisher"

I hope to be able to start after coming back home from Austria (work, not fun :grin:).

Cheers Dario
sup guys just found something that might be useful to people on their designs....
I don't whether this is like real and people actually believe in zombies because the forums posts are weird or they are just taking the piss....
Zombie Squad
they are a bunch of weirdos but maybe it will help with their strange knowledge
took a quick look on that page, indeed weird peoples there :grin:

I've just noticed I'm not in the list.
Hummer H2 SUT - "ZMB Punisher"

I hope to be able to start after coming back home from Austria (work, not fun :grin:).

Cheers Dario
List will be updated on the weekend ;)
Hi all I quickly 26 years I am french taxi! Has always been fascinated by the 3d but only practicing since 1 year
I was told by one of your members to the opening of this contest and wish ay participated c if not too late!

My English is not perfect, I use a translator!


Welcome here pikrokola ! You should post some links to your work in your signature, this way everyone could see what you've achieved so far in CG.

PS : One more blenderhead here ;)
Welcome pikrokola!! I sure isn't too late to enter the WZA!! I'm very glad you've decided to join us, and I can't wait to see what you'll come up with ;)

Enjoy your stay!!