When Zombies Attack!!

We all know that as 2007 draws to an eventful end and a new year is upon us, that there is an ever-increasing risk of a zombie out-break...

We, at SMCars.net, feel that it is our job to increase overall zombie awareness in our growing community, and to do this, I put forward to you our first contest to kick off 2008: "When Zombies Attack!!".



To test the creative & technical juices of our community, the challenge is this: Create a vehicle that YOU would feel most safe and most dangerous to zombies in.

This vehicle could be anything; a truck, a tank, or even a tricycle, but it MUST be a land-based vehicle, so no flying, Hindenberg-esque, anti-zombie fortresses. You can coat your vehicle in razor-wire, weld on some machine-guns, add a launcher that fires a screaming blonde cheer-leader as a distraction, whatever YOU would want on your vehicle in a zombie invasion.


Contest Specifics:

- The modeling, texturing and rendering of one anti-zombie ground-based vehicle.

- Vehicle can be of own design, or a existing design with tweaks to with-stand a zombie attack, eg: a Koenigsegg with spikes, guns... snow-plow :p

- Model is to be created from scratch, with no use of existing elements of your old work or somebody elses.

- Model poly/tri-counts can be anything; low-poly, mid-poly, high-poly, it doesn't matter. Technique should still be excercised depending on your choice, eg: poly-flow, topology, texture-sizes if your model could be for a game, ect.

- Model is to be shown in the WZA WIP section, with the heading "WZA Contest: *name of creation*", and kept up-to-date as much as possible.

- Completed models to be rendered into two main shots showing off the design at it's best angles. Studio renders would be fine, however creativity within renders is advised.

- No teaming up. This must be solely your own project.



Z-Day, the time by which you must have your creations finished and ready for judgement, is the 31st of March. That's right, 3 months as of the opening of this thread. Prizes are as follows:

1st: Official SMC Gold Medal
2nd: Official SMC Silver Medal
3rd: Official SMC Bronze Medal

Creations will be mainly judged on creativity and design, however technical profficiency will also be a high scoring factor.


Hints & Tips:

- You should also keep in mind that these vehicles could be bashed up a little from the pre-running over of zombies, and therefore you might want to consider blood splatter and damage to your works.

- This is an imaginative contest, based on unique designs and ideas, and not one hell-bent on whether or not your design would in-fact actually work!!

- Watch "Land of the Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead" for some ideas.

- Take a look around your house and garage for items that could violently and hilariously impale an undead human being.



- "Last Hope" by DbblGlock
- "Volvo 265 Zombiewagon" by Johnas
- "Zombiebuster" by crazy 989
- "Autosaur" by Rsenal
- "S3 Runner" by doom18
- "IMT Tractor" by fskpzns
- "Panic Room" by rallydriver
- "Zombirossa" by Jazu
- "78 Ford F150" by itsme
- "Gallardo Super-Splattera" by Dr. Feelgood
- "Zombie Super Pwnage" by advan
- "BoneCrusher" by Sebastian Appel N.P
- "Super Seven Killing UnDead" by tom120934
- "Scurvy" by pikrokola
- "Dozer" by caribcanuk
- "The Reaper" by greenvampire
- "Freedom" by veve
Quite idea :grin:

But very original, I'm definitely in. Already have a vision what I will model, will show it when I've started it


Really nice idea. I won't have enough time to join in, but I hope there will be plenty of valuable entries for this contest.

About the points you give as prizes, who will be giving them ? Will it be a points creation, or a donation from someone to the winner / second / third ? If it's a donation, count me as a donor for 1000 points.

Also, as sources for inspiration, one should have a look at :
- The latest Resident Evil, plenty of armored vehicles in it.
- About "Dawn of the Dead", be sure to watch the 200x remake, not the original one by Romero. "Land of the Dead" is good one, too.
- Any creation of the A-team should do it to. I think they could have been great anti-zombie warriors ;)
Doc has already started ;)

I needed some drastic motivation to start getting into my own projects again over my holidays, and I think this contest will do it for me... Working 5 days a week with very long hours doing 3D stuff takes its toll on you doing your own 3D work at home :p


No need to donate points, I can take care of that matter
I'm sure of that ;) I just think it's more interesting if the contest doesn't create points ex nihilo but if it's the community that collects "funds". That's the reason why I proposed points as prize for the LightIsRight contest, as I didn't own some valuable thing. And that's the reason why I offered something I was sure to be able to transfer.

Maybe we can think of paying a price to enter for future contests. Something low to make sure anyone can join in.
nice contest idea man, just had a brainwave of ideas.....will put them on paper, i like to sketch it out first. Will join, hopefully finish, depends how hard school gets


Active Member
Wow that is an interesting idea.I wont be in unfortunately.No time to model.Urgh.
Well the award will be points but i still dont know what we can do with those points :\

Edit:That reminded me of Carmageddon :D
Edit 2 : Hahaha let me download all the blueprints right now ! haha lets begin XD jk
Everytime you view blueprints/reference pictures, points are deducted from your account and everytime you post/contribute something, points are added...

...so no, they're not just to see who has more :p
Well it's not a secret anymore :p

Anywhos, when we get that thing to work in future you need to "pay" for the blueprints. But we can talk about that elsewhere, it's going off-topic now ;)
I love Zombies. Romero is my favorite. I just start to make scenario with my friends for one horror movie with zombie. Low budget of course. Very love :) (few dinars only for some extra DVD for cameras)

Trash horrors is better than any comedy movie :)

Check this: Planet Terror (2007)

I wish im better in modeling to join you guys in this nice contests.

CHEERS !!! I already wait to see 1st posts and works :)


Interesting off topic chat here ;) Don't forget to warn anyone before activating the pay-per-view mechanism.

About the Roberto Rodriguez movie, it looks interesting. When did it hit the screens ? I wonder how I could have missed this one ;)
Hmmm, sounds like tons of fun!

I'm Going to be working on my Camaro for awhile (when i get my Desktop fixed) and won't be able to join for for a couple of weeks or more..... That would leave me with about two months to complete the project (which is still allot of time) but, would i still be able to join that far down the line???

I don't want to post a thread now, and let it sit there idle for a month.