Weird Request

Hi all,

This may seem as a weird request, but I figured if I didn't ask I'd always have a no.

What I am asking for is: A personal trainer.

Nothing fancy. Just someone who will create a car in 3D with me, as highest quality as possible. (As in, we both make one, so I can compare my results with someone else)

That person will also point out my mistakes/flaws.

I don't have much to offer, I'm literally broke, so unfortunately this will be a 'free' deal. It's just that I've been stuck with 3D for 6 years now, and I still make the same mistakes, still get the same results. I want to finally get better, and finish stuff for once.

Don't feel obligated to do it, I want you to want to help me xD

It will also not be an intensive job. I have a 40hour job per week, I make music and art as well, so I'm busy on those fronts too. Maybe once a week, or once every two weeks, but that'll be something we can talk about.

I appreciate you all, whether you choose to help me or not, so don't think I'll think any less of you if you don't want to, can't etc. ^^.

Thanks for reading!


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That's exactly what these forums are for. Post up your stuff, and people will give you crits. The more people that see it the better. One person can give their own opinion, but the more opinions, the more ideas you'll get, and the more accurate the feedback will get.

This forums is free for us to use as well :p (Thanks mods!)
It's different though. I know what you mean and I agree with it to a certain extent, but I can't learn from people I don't have personal contact with.

If I post something up here, I get 3 to 5 comments about that it looks good, or that something needs to be improved. And that's good. But it doesn't tell me anything on how I have to improve, what I need to do better.

And sure, if I ask, they can try explaining it, but it's nothing like having someone watching you work and telling you during the process that you're going about it in the wrong way.

Thanks for the reply though.