Weekly Write-Up - 06/01/2008

Well here we are, at the end of the first week of 2008. Most spent this week recovering from New Years Eve, however some were straight back to working on 3D projects and getting their skills in gear to start the new year.

We'd like to welcome you all back for 2008, and wish you the best for what's to come!!


To kick-off the first 2008 Weekly Write-Up, there's a few things that I need to let you know about.


First things first, the "When Zombies Attack" Contest is well under-way and off to a flying and hilariously blood-thursty start. With 12, already in-progress entries, this is sure to be one hell of a fight to become the winner of one of the more psychotic contests in SMCars.net's history, and that's something any homicidal 3D artist can be proud of!! So keep those designs-a-comin' people, because this is going to be something to watch!!

Speaking of contests, be sure to check out the updated and improved How-To Guide To Create A SMC Contest guide. It will aid you in the event of your contest brain-wave, and will hopefully make it a successful one!!

Do Unto Others...

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that bad language and bad attitudes have reared their rare but ugly faces on our beloved forum. We don't point names here (we point high-powered rifles ;)), but we need to see improvements to make this forum a friendly and helpful place for everyone!!

Before posting, please make sure you read over it and ask yourself, "How would I feel recieving this?". It only takes one wrong word to turn a post that was never meant to be offensive in one that actually is. And as for recievers of posts, try not to take crititism to heart... This might seem hard at times after slaving away at a project for days, but people here are only trying to make YOU a better artist. Also, some of our user's first language is not English, so if it sometimes feels like a blunt or angry post, don't forget that this could be the reason, and they never intended to cause any harm.

And with regards to those four-letter words that we all love to use... Unless it's absolutely nessessary, don't use them. Without offending, we have some very young artists on this forum who only want to get ahead early, and they don't need this :)

Weekly Write-Up Wrap-Up...

Lastly guys, the coming Weekly Write-Ups are something that we all have a part in. If you feel that there's something that should be mentioned, Private Message me and it could very well be included in the next week's.

I leave you now with the SMC Pick-Of-The-Week... peterliang's incredible WW scene: