Wald GTR


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That ''reference'' is a 3D model, so it could be wrong anyway. I frankly think yasickkk's chamfers are actually perfect.
It's a great work mate, keep on it :)



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Thanks guys, been trying to learn vray. Trying to get the paint right. What you guys think? I wanted to add a bump as well where the speckles are but i have no idea how to do this.



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The car paint has the right amount of metal, but it seems a bit too glossy.
Anyway, your carbody is spot on, it's really very clean :)


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Looks very clean. Any chance we can see some unsmoothed wires, I learn more from them than the final smooth screenshots? Great for picking up tips for similar problems.



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How's this going? Can't stop now man! :)

It could be going better, i cant make the sideskirt of the car. Spent weeks on it. Sounds silly and simple but i cant get it. So im rather confused as what to do. I havent stopped but i wont continue till i get the sideskirt done. I dont know why i cant make it, its like a mental block for me now.

Dave, heres some wires.


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Holy crap, i just realised i have made a HUGE mistake. All the chamfers that ive done are all wrong, because when i try to model parts to fill in the gaps chamfers dont match the detail behind, its all zig zagged. For example the headlight is ment to be smooth etc, but the outline of the chamfer ( of the car ) does not match the head light surface. And trying to make it match after the chamfers are done gives you horrible results.

This is horrible, option 1 is to do your best to match it which will have horrible results or go back and re chamfer the whole car which will take many many hours.

Lesson from this, early in the model FILL in the gaps like grills lights reflectors etc with at least a basic model of the detail behind.

Anyone have any advise?

Edit" yep have to re chamfer the whole car.
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Oscar J

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Very true, I usually model the whole car as one piece, and then split the surfaces up and chamfer them. I think you should be able to manually fill in the gaps, but I understand that it's a tedious process.


Hey Yasickkk !

that's a nice project bro ! i've noticed that you've knew your chamfers needs work , and that's good .

keep it up i'll try to keep my eyes on this thread .